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The Hyper Gravity Weight Belts

complete with Hypergravity Jump and Speed Training Program
(20 lb. shown)
Maximum Load: 30 lb. with six 5 lb. weights

What is Hyper Gravity Training and how much weight should I use?

For use in training with Jumpsoles or by themselves, these weighted belts are excellent for any exercise.  Brand new design allows the adjustment and addition of weights extremely easily in a sleek, comfortable package.

Weight Belt Jump Feel the power in your legs when you take the belt off!

Why Weight Belts?
  • Studies have shown belted athletes have outperformed non-belted athletes by over 200% in the standing jump and 32% better in the running jump after just 6 weeks of training.
  • Weight Belts produce increase in vertical jump and hang time and help in explosive first steps and breakaway speed.  You can train with the Jumpsoles and a weight belt to see faster and greater results.
  • The weight is around your center of gravity avoiding possible strains on your back.
  • Can be worn all day and during exercise to increase speed, jumping ability, and power output.  Wearing the weight belt all day simulates hypergravity and increases power in the legs and lower body.

The Hypergravity Weight belt can now accomodate all waist sizes! (See below for animation)
All new design makes it One Size Fits All!

10 lb. Weight Belt 
Quickness, Speed, and Jump Training
(2) 5 lb. weights
Price:   $99.95 

20 lb. Weight Belt 
gradual increase to Jump, Speed, and Power
(2) 5 lb. + (5) 2 lb. weights
(Item # WEITBELT20)
Price:   $124.95 

30 lb. Weight Belt 
step-by-step increase to Power and Stamina
(6) 5 lb. weights
(Item # WEITBELT30)
Price:   $149.95 

It is recommended you increase weights gradually to build endurance along with quickness speed and power. 

2 lb. weights upgrade (10lb)
Allows you to add weights more gradually (comes in set of 5)
Weight belt upgrade 10lb. 
(Item # WEIT2)

5 lb. weights upgrade (10lb)
Two 5 lb. Weights
Weight belt upgrade 10lb.
(Item # WEIT10)

Replacement Belt Only

For replacement or Multi-Use
(Item # WBELT)


Hypergravity Weight Belts are stackable for extra poundage.  Shown with two belts, bottom with 30 lbs. and top with 10 lbs.

Heavyball + Weight BeltWeight Belt + Heavy Basketball
Heavyball + Weight Belt
Try Hypergravity: It's Like Training on Jupiter!

A powerful one - two combination: No training is complete without a Heavy Basketball. combined with a Hyper Gravity Weight Belt, you'll be training in a total hypergravity environment. Every movement will be harder, every shot will be farther, and your body will be forced to get stronger. Then step back onto earth and marvel at how ridiculously light you feel.

10 lb. Weight Belt + Heavy Basketball
Price:   $124.95 

20 lb. Weight Belt  + Heavy Basketball
(Item # HEAVYBELT20)
Price:   $149.95 

30 lb. Weight Belt  + Heavy Basketball
(Item # HEAVYBELT30)
Price:   $169.95 

Save up to $10 with these HyperGravity Combos!
Try Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine .
It's the perfect complement to Weight Belt training for even greater results! 
(recommended age 18 and over)

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