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Hyper Gravity Weight Belt

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The Hyper Gravity Effect:
Yielded up to 25% increase in vertical jump after just 3 weeks of training!

The term Hypergravity training was coined to describe a type of training where it gravity itself was simulated to be stronger.  Training in a heavier gravitational field would make the body adjust by strengthening the lower body and leg muscles.  Weight Belts allow us to train in a simulated hyper gravity environment and even gradually increase weight over time.  (read the research below. . .)

10 lb. Weight Belt 
Quickness, Speed, and Jump Training
(2) 5 lb. weights

20 lb. Weight Belt 
gradual increase to Jump, Speed, and Power
(2) 5 lb. + (5) 2 lb. weights
(Item # WEITBELT20)

30 lb. Weight Belt 
step-by-step increase to Power and Stamina
(6) 5 lb. weights
(Item # WEITBELT30)

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Weight Belt Jump RESEARCH
Extensive research has been done on male and female athletes using hypergravity training.  showing 10-25% increase in maximum vertical jump height after just 3 weeks of training (Bosco, 1985, 1986), and a female study showed 11% increase over just 3.5% in the control group(Sands, 1995).  Athletes who did no specific jump training still increased jumping ability by 10% after just 3 weeks(Bosco, 1985).

In the past there have been many methods of training with weighted belts.  Athletes who are in shape and exercise regularly have been known to go through a 3 week long training program which involved wearing the weight belt all day long except when sleeping.  They increased each week from 8% to 10% to 12% of their body weight.  During the 3 weeks they do their regular training and conditioning.  This is recommended only for those athletes in superior condition.

Included with the HypergravityWeight Belt is the JUMPUSA.com Jump and Speed workout.  It is an 8 week program that accomodates your body's needs as induced gravity increases.  Instead of pushing for 3 weeks as many have done(and can still be done for quick results), we designed a program that will slowly increase strength to create a more permanent foundation for long-term athleticism.  In addition to training, we stress the importance of wearing the Hypergravity Weight belt for a few hours throughout the day.

It is recommended you start out with 4 to 10 lb. and gradually increase weight while training with the Hypergravity Weight Belt.  The 20 lb. belt allows a gradual 2 lb. increase from 4 to 20 lbs. that can help a steady increase in lower body and leg strength.  Gradually increasing allows the muscles to be trained as to avoid putting strain on the body and maintain technique for running and jumping.  The 30 lb. belt allows a step-by-step 5 lb. increase for maximum gains in power sports.  The 20 lb. and 30 lb. weights are goals that should be worked up to rather than put on the belt from day one.  Make sure your body is used to the weight before you begin training.

WHAT IF I HAVE JUMPSOLES? - The Weight Belt can be used as a perfect complement to Jumpsoles workouts.  It will accelerate gains and help you do gain even more inches to your vertical. 


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Bosco, C. The effects of extra-load conditioning on muscle performance in athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 18:415-419. 1986.

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