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Juggling and how it improves your Sports Vision

If you play Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, or any other ball sport, JUMPUSA has a big piece of news and advice for you this week: Learn how to JUGGLE! Always a great party trick and useful for circus performers, juggling is a neuromuscular skill that can have a profound impact on your sport. Among other benefits, juggling improves: Ambidexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination, Depth Perception, Peripheral Vision, Neuromuscular Balance, Quickness Under Control, and Concentration for such activities as Baseball hitting and Basketball Free throw shooting.

Not only that, scientists have recently discovered (Nature 1-04) that learning to juggle causes cellular changes in areas of your brain. Mastering the skill increases the amount of gray matter in areas of the brain that process and store visual information, proving what was not thought possible -- that new stimuli can alter the brain's structure. So learning to juggle will not only help you see the ball, see the defenders, and see plays develop, juggling skills once learned will make you smarter!

Find 3 balls that are heavy for their size. Something about the size and weight of a lime is about right. You need the weight to properly feel them land in your hand. It helps if they come in different colors, which imprints the proper coordination onto your brain more effectively. Tennis balls are too light; golf balls too small; softballs too big. The soft juggling balls they sell are good. The advantage is they don't roll away when you drop them.
Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls - set of 3

Precision weighted at 53 gm for optimum feel.
Instructions included


Juggle Balls

Add extra challenge to vision training drills with a wobble board.  Not only with your sports vision improve, the wobble board will help prevent ankle twists and sprains by strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments of your lower leg. Your game will benefit from better balance, stability, and increased range of motion. Wobble board training can dramatically improve the strength and coordination of all the key muscles involed in running and jumping.

Wobble Board


"Juggling works! Not only did my handles get better but my court vision just got ridiculous. My focus has increased to the point where I can see the game as a big picture. I can see everything that's happening on the court and as a result I'm dropping more dimes and giving passes that you have to see to believe." -- Angelo B

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