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KorFlex products adapt to any environment, allowing you to stay committed to your program anywhere and stay consistent for a lifetime.

Core strength and core stability exercises often imitate moves that we utilize in our daily life or sports

thus training the body to rely on the core and reduce the strain we put on our limbs.

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KorFlex offers three unique products designed to maximize performance in the following areas: Kor Kit for Core Strenthening, Joint Kit for Injury Rehabilitation, and Pro Kit for Strength Training and Physical Therapy.

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Strength Training & Physical Therapy

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The Kor Kit provides a unique approach to core stabilization and strengthening. Its patented design assists you through the motion and actually helps you do the exercises.

Offers VAR - Variable Assisted Resistance. Actually helps you through the range of motion, effectively targeting the entire core with 7 different exercises in both strength training and physical therapy.

Kor Kit
Price:   $39.95


Physical Therapy

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The Joint Kit offers tremendous versatility in joint specific rehabilitation, including wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries.  Its modular design allows it to reconfigure and offer customizable routines for all major joint injuries.


Joint Kit Exercises
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation        
  • Knee & Hip Rehabilitation     
  • Ankle Rehabilitation            
  • Wrist & Elbow Rehabilitation 
Joint Kit

Price:   $39.95

Strength Training & Physical Therapy

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The Pro Kit is a comprehensive exercise tool offering unlimited exercise possibilities.  This versatile system provides all the tools necessary to achieve peak performance in life and on the playing field.

With tremendous benefits in strength training for upper and lowerphysical therapy, its modular design provides unlimited training possibilities.


Pro Kit
Price:   $59.95

KorFlex is currently being used by renowned sports medicine groups, hospitals, professional sports teams and elite level athletes.

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