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Lateral Power Boxes

Build Lateral Power, Speed, and Strength!
For Outdoor Use



Start close and move them further apart for harder, faster paced workouts!
Juke with incredible speed!  Gain crossover quickness that will break your opponents ankles!

Lateral Power Boxes give you an angle on the competition!  Leap side to side - with Jumpsoles for extra effect - and build superior lateral speed and power. Gain quick crossover power and tremendous juking power! Easy to use - Just stomp on them to securely anchor them into the ground.

  • More Powerful change of direction
  • Build up your knees and calves for lateral movements
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Easy to carry - the Most Portable Lateral Training Device on the market
  • Affordable - Lateral Training Devices can cost over $300

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Lateral Power Boxes - set of 2
(Item # LATBOX)

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