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All new design allows for lateral training on two different angles, 14 degrees and 20 degrees.

These slant boards are made of welded steel and powder coated with a durable white finish then coated with an industrial grade non-slip surface.

Juke with incredible speed!  Gain crossover quickness that will break your opponents ankles!

The Lateral Power Trainer will give you a workout like you've never experienced before.  It will give you a full-blown, cardiovascular and muscular workout and leave you with unparalleled lateral quickness and strength!

Develop major muscles for lateral running and jumping, skiing and skating.

With this unique design, the distance between the side platforms is adjustable.  The exercises become progressively more aggressive by increasing the distance between the angled platforms.

A thick rubber mat 18" wide goes under two steel-framed slant boards to give you a non-slip platform to drill this exercise.  Ships with 3 boxes totaling 88 lbs.

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Lateral Power Trainer Deluxe
complete with training manual
Price:   US$199.95 

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