Lateral Power Boxes
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side jump platformLateral Power Boxes

Lateral Power Boxes are a unique training device that helps athletes improve the power in their jumps and gain more control over the direction and speed of jumps. The lateral jump boxes are easy to use and meant for outdoor usage. The boxes offer an ideal exercising position for building up of the calves and the knees that help in explosive lateral movements. The lateral jump box also offers a great cardiovascular workout and when you get used to a distance while exercising, you can increase the distance between the boxes and increase the difficulty and pace of your workout. These Plyometric boxes are easy to carry and these are the most affordable lateral training device on the market. Plyometric lateral power boxes are ideal for sportspersons in any sport as they can all benefit from better control over their jumps and bring added agility and speed in their playing style. Regular exercise on the plyo boxes gives your jumps great cross over power for juking your opponents. You can also perform a range of exercises with the lateral power boxes like lateral jumps, cross over steps, two legged jumps, and one legged jumps. You can buy a set of two boxes from out online store at very affordable prices.

1. Lateral Jumps

  • For starters, set the angles of the side jump 6 inches further than shoulder width.  (As you become more familiar with the equipment, the exercises become progrssively more aggressive by increasing the distance between angled platforms.)
  • With the left foot on the horizontal platform place the right foot on the right angle platform keeping your knee bent to propel your left foot and body center to the left angles platform.
  • Rebound by bringing your right foot next to your left foot, bending your left knee to propel your body center to the right side.
  • Rebound from the right side to the left by bringing your left foot next to your right foot, your right knee bent to propel your left foot and body weight to the left side.
  • Work up to sets of 10 (each leg - meaning 20 straight jumps)
2. Cross Over Steps
  • With both feet shoulder width apart cross your left foot over your right foot to the right platform.
  • Place your right foot on the platform, then step with your left foot in the area between the boxes.
  • Cross your right foot over your left foot to the left platform.
  • Place your left foot on the platform, then step with your right foot in the area between the boxes.
  • Start with the boxes relatively close to practice the footwork, then move them further and further apart to lengthen your cross over jump.
  • Work up to sets of 10 (each side)
3. Two legged Jumps
  • With the boxes closer together, do lateral jumps with both feet landing on the same box.  Crouch low and jump across laterally.
  • You can use ski poles or a solid stationary object to assist you.
  • Do sets of 10 jumps total.
4. One legged Jumps
  • A more advanced exercise, keep the boxes close together and jump with only one foot. 
  • Do sets of 10 jumps for each foot.

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