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With the Leap Frog the lead runner and trailing runner take turns providing assisted acceleration. As the trailing athlete runs past the lead runner they exchange roles. The trailing athlete provides resistance to the lead runner. When the resistance cord is maxed out the trailing athlete takes advantage of the resistance to accelerate past the lead runner.

4' Safety Sleeve™ Elastic w/ 2-swivel belts. Continuously, alternate overspeed, passing, and resistance running.

Leap frog also used as a power running device. Trailing runner provides resistance to the lead runner. Then using the contraction of the Safety Sleeve Elastic, the trailing runner sprints past the lead runner. Repeat.
Leapfrog - Medium Resistance 
with 2 belts
Price:  $39.95

Leapfrog - Heavy Resistance 
with 2 belts
(Item # LEAPFRGH )
Price:   $44.95

The Diverse Uses of the Leapfrog

Add resistance to your forward motion, creating more explosive kicks.

Develop faster lunges, better wrestling/martial arts shots.

Use for lunges, strengthening your leg muscles in partnered drills.

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