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What McDavid products do Dwyane Wade and Corey Maggette wear during games?

Dwyane wears the #7580 HexPad™ Thudd Short with Extended Thigh, #7860 V-Hex™ Body Shirt, #6500 Hex™ Power Shooter Arm Sleeve and #195 Ultralight Ankle

Corey wears the #7580 HexPad™ Thudd Short with Extended Thigh and the #
7860 V-Hex™ Body Shirt.

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McDavid 432 Ankle Support with Strap

McDavid 432

This Ankle Support with Strap is a popular product that has all the features and benefits of a basic neoprene support but also includes wrap around Velcro® straps for added support and compression. Thermal neoprene anklet with nylon facing on both sides with heavy-duty nylon on outer side for durability.

Advanced neoprene support with adjustable compression straps. Protects and supports. Fits either ankle.

WARNING: Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.

McDavid 432 Ankle Support w/ Strap
(Item # MCDAVID432)
Price:   US $19.99

McDavid 432 Ankle Support w/ Strap
PAIR - Save $5
Price:   US $34.99 pair

available in S - XL


SMALL - Men's 6-9, Women's 7-10.
MEDIUM - Men's 9-11, Women's 10-12.
LARGE - Men's 11-13, Women's 12-14
X-LARGE - Men's 14+, Women's 15+.

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