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McDavid Ankle X 

Ankle Brace

A revolutionary new protective ankle brace that is so comfortable you won't know you have it on even after a full day of practice.
  • The lowest profile hinged brace on the market. 
  • The molded support features a pivot hinge for greater maneuverability and comfort, and the stretch sleeve provides compression support 
  • With a pivot hinge and lightweight design, the Ankle X does not restrict maneuverability and can be worn for hours.
  • Can also be worn to treat and prevent all ankle injuries, including high ankle sprains. 
  • Available in two sizes: S/M, L/XL
  • The result: more comfort, more agility, more freedom to perform at the highest level. 
McDavid Ankle X 189T
Fits Left or Right Foot

Price:   US$39.95 

Small/Medium (Men 6-11, Women 7-12) 

Large/X Large (Men 10-16, Women 11-17) 

Universal Left or Right

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