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Daniel Puder, who has been training with JumpUSA Products, participated and won TOUGH ENOUGH!  See below for some products he used.
JumpUSA and SmackDown! fans voted for Daniel Puder, making him the $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion. 


Mixed Martial Arts Training Products featuring Daniel Puder:
Power Punch
The Power Punch
Elastic Punch Trainer to work your Jabs, Hooks, and Uppercuts.
Power Punch Deluxe
The Power Punch DELUXE
Work your punches, chinups, and pushups with one device!

The Explosive Kick
Indoor or Outdoor Elastic Training Device to add speed and power to your kicks!

Power Pushup
The Power Pushup 2
With one tube, you can do Push Ups, Dips, Back Flys, Lunges, Jump Squats, Squats & lots more!
Reaction Ball
Speed up your reaction time and ability to react to directional changes. Harder to chase than a chicken!

All Purpose Sports Bag
Luxury Sports Bag with shoe and ball compartments.

Wobble and Balance Tools
Train overall balance and foot strength

Power Sports Trainer
Resist all movements for an overall body workout.

Agility Ladders
Train foot speed, agility, footwork.

Perfect Pushup
Add stability to your pushup workout! Great for pushups and increasing grip strength and wrist  strength.

5X Ultimate fighting Champion Frank Shamrock

See how Frank trained with Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors to win his latest championship!

Frank holding a seminar for training with Jumpsoles and Swiss Balls

Frank uses Swiss Balls extensively for core, ab, and back training.
Go to the Swiss Ball Page


Want to get aggressive? Need effective exercises to get bigger and stronger?
Check out Kettlebells and Mike Mahler's DVD.


Awaken Your Shoulder Muscles!

Recommended by UFC Champion Pat Miletich
"I can tell you since using the clubs on a regular basis, my shoulder now feels 100%”.

Medicine Ball Training

Single Grip Handle Balls
Single Grips are great for boxing and plyometric training.

Double Grip Handle Balls
Double Grips are larger and bring more power to your core.

NEW Training DVD

Training for Warriors DVD
With Renzo Gracie!

The Martial Arm
For much less than a traditional wooden dummy, this steel, upholstered arm strikes back, and can take hits from optional weapons. A Must See!

We recommend you to be 18 years of age before taking supplements. Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplement.

Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine
Boosting backup energy stores is a great idea for conditioning. Recover faster, work out longer.

The Stretch Ladder is supremely useful for stretching. About 65 inches long, it has a loop system the entire length of the nylon webbing. No matter whether sitting, standing or lying on the ground, you can stick your toes, feet or hands into the loops for anchoring a limb or holding and pulling on the strap. Without having to focus on gripping a strap or tensing muscles to keep a cord in the right place, you can now use the cord literally to tow your limbs into different positions for a great stretch in all directions. Nice and compact, as well as light. You can easily pack it in an overnight bag or suitcase to use while traveling.
Stretch Ladder

Stretch Ladder 
Team Pack of 6


Gain first step quickness, speed, vertical and running power in a money saving bundle.

JumpUSA Supports
Elbow, Knee, and Ankle Supports

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