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Huffy is the official hoop of the NCAA Final Four
Basketball Hoops FAQ

Is it really FREE SHIPPING?
Yes! The price you see is the total price and already covers shipping to your location - no extra shipping fees. California residents will be charged 9.25% sales tax.

How long does it take to get to me?

All hoops are unassembled and shipped out with a freight carrier or UPS within two to three business days. Delivery time varies with local freight companies, but usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. Delivery time cannot be guaranteed, as delivery is based on availability. For the Hydra Rib 900 models, delivery could take an extra week because these are often built to order. All hoops ship out of the nearest factory and can vary from state to state.

When the basketball hoop ships, you will get tracking information for the local freight company that is delivering it. They will then contact you via telephone to schedule a delivery, so when you order please input a daytime phone number where it is easy to reach you. Because of liability issues delivery is to curbside only.

Is installation difficult?
Portable hoops take some time but are not difficult to put together. Once they are put together they stay that way.

In-ground hoops are installed using concrete. You dig a circular hole 24" diameter, 36" deep (2' X 3'). Pour concrete into the hole and embed the mounting plate and J-bolts into the concrete. Concrete is not included.

See install instructions here:

For Ground Sleeves (for the pole only install), you dig a 24" X 24" hole but the sleeve will only sit in the hole between 14"-15". Underneath it will be about a 10" of concrete. The sleeve itself is 3 1/2" in diameter and about 14" in length.

What does 'Additional Ballast Required' mean?

Additional Ballast refers to the fact that the hoops were made with room to put sand, water, or weight plates in to make the base heavier. Sandbags or Plates can be used for most hoops. The Hydra Rib 900 series has a cabinet type storage in the base where you can put any number of heavy objects in the support the hoop.

What if the product arrives damaged or missing?

Please accept the delivery and we will ship replacements and may have the damaged items picked up. If something is missing, please note the item number and call us and we will send out replacements.

What kind of warranty comes with it?

Huffy Hydra Rib and Lifetime cover any manufacturer defects or shipping damage that occurs when shipping to you. Wear and tear from use or damage from misuse or natural disaster are not covered. However, if the damage is the fault of the manufacturer, for instance, a piece that was made incorrectly and broke, these are covered.

What if I live outside of the continental U.S.?

For people in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, contact a freight forwarder in the continental U.S. and organize it with them. Have their address as the ship to and we will ship to them.

What if I don't like it and want to return it?

To return a hoop, please contact us. There will be fees to have it sent back the warehouse and there may be a restocking fee depending on the circumstance, brand, and cost of the product. It is usually between 10% and 20%.

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