Frequently Asked Questions about Jumpsoles
1. Are Jumpsoles some kind of gimmick?

Are weight vests some kind of gimmick? Elastic cord harnesses? Parachutes? You can call any piece of training equipment a "gimmick". That's exactly what they are if they end up in your closet, and you just sit there wishing you could jump higher. Jumpsoles when used regularly and intelligently according to instructions maximize and distribute the workout to your calves and forefoot. Up to 30% of your vertical jump is generated there, and those muscles are available and waiting to contribute crucial inches to your vertical jump - if you can train properly to access the power. That's what Jumpsoles train you to do! There are critics on the internet who say that you don't need tools like Jumpsoles. We say, why fool around? If you're serious about building anything like your vertical jump, having tools is better than having no tools!

2. What is the difference between JUMPSOLES and the shoes that I've seen on the market with the platform built in?

JUMPSOLES are the only platforms which attach onto your own shoe. The almost 5 lbs of extra weight added to the outermost part of your feet make JUMPSOLES heavier than any platform shoe for a harder workout. The advantages of having attachable platforms are many. If your feet are growing, you will not outgrow your JUMPSOLES, because they come in 4 basic sizes, each of which accomodate a certain range of shoe sizes. Another advantage is that you can share your JUMPSOLES with a friend, or use multiple sets of them as a station for circuit training in team workouts. You invested good money towards your favorite athletic shoe. Why be forced to wear an inferior quality shoe just because it has a platform? Simply strap your JUMPSOLES onto the high quality shoes that you already feel most comfortable wearing. When you are done, unstrap your JUMPSOLES and feel the immediate extra power!

3. What about all those other jump programs that I've seen on the market?

While some of the information in those programs might be useful, all of it is still just information which is already included with each pair of JUMPSOLES. All of those programs invariably have you do the traditional exercises such as box jumps, lunges, and squats. That sounds great, but what those programs can't provide you is the necessary added dimension that JUMPSOLES provide by maximizing your calf effort. As much as 30% of your propulsion in running and jumping comes from your calves. By adding extra calf isolation to any workout, the JUMPSOLES training system steps up where the other programs leave off.

4. Are JUMPSOLES safe?

Yes! Over the years, JUMPSOLES have been worn successfully by thousands of serious athletes, building up an impressive safety record. JUMPSOLES are built extra wide on the outside edges to prevent you from roll-over pronation injuries. JUMPSOLES strengthen the Plantaris and Gastrocnemius muscle areas of your lower leg. When used properly, JUMPSOLES strengthen your Achilles area, making it much more flexible, and thus, actually making you more resistant to injury.  The Proprioceptors make you resistant to ankle injuries as well, and are used by professional sports organizations as a rehabilitation device as well.

5. What are JUMPSOLES made of?

JUMPSOLES are made of a high density, closed cell polyurethane honeycomb. The resulting shock absorption and rebound properties are superior to that of any platform shoe. The straps are military spec nylon with industrial grade hook and loop fasteners tested to withstand 1500 lbs of pull. The sole is a computer optimized crosstraining tread for maximum traction on turf or court surfaces. Made of DuPont Hytrel, the sole is super sticky, resilient, and non - marking.

6. How much can I expect to improve my jump? Tell me more about your guarantee. It sounds too good to be true.

You've read it. Like all of our ads say, we guarantee up to 10 inches, and no less than 5 inches within 1 year, or your money back. We can make this amazing guarantee because of our track record. Over the years, thousands of athletes have proven that JUMPSOLES work!  With consistant training you can keep gaining more inches.

7. What's the earliest age at which JUMPSOLES can be effectively used?

A rule of thumb is: you are ready if your shoe size is at least 5, or you are at least 13 years old. While your musculature is not quite ready to do intensive plyometrics or power lifting at this age, your neural system is ready to learn the proper mechanics of jumping and sprinting. JUMPSOLES condition your motor neural pathways so that you power off your forefoot for maximum jump height and stride length.

Q: My son is 13. Will Jumpsoles or Proprioceptors stunt kids' growth? 
A: Definitely not. Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors are designed to build muscles safely through natural standing, walking, & jumping on their own body weight. Danger of stunted growth occurs when kids try to lift unnaturally heavy weights which their bones cannot support before their growth plates have closed. As long as he stays clear of trying to lift heavy extra weights, your son will grow to his genetic height.

8. What do I get with the JUMPSOLES training system?

JUMPSOLES come with our training video and manual.  We've studied various training programs and compiled the best exercises for gaining vertical jump and incorporated it into an 8 week program.  The program tells you exactly what exercises to do and when.

9. Can I play basketball while wearing JUMPSOLES?

JUMPSOLES are primarily for off the court strength training. While not designed for competitive play, you can shoot around in them, as many basketball teams already do in warm-ups. Since you are always on your toes with JUMPSOLES, practicing your dribbling and footwork in JUMPSOLES develops quickness and balance for more accurate shooting.

10. If I stop using JUMPSOLES, will I lose my vertical?

Any form of exercise will yield diminishing returns after a period of time. The JUMPSOLES Power Plyometric Program incorporates the state of the art method of training known as Periodization to ensure that you mix up your workouts for steady and consistent gains.  If you are not active, train with JUMPSOLES once a week or at least twice a month to maintain your gains.

11. If I work out with JUMPSOLES every day, will I see quicker results?

No. Your body needs at least 48 hours to regenerate the muscle fibers broken down by the Power Plyometrics workout. For best results, follow the training program.

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