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ZFO - 80 LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

ZFO - 80 LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

Price: $179.99
Code: ZFO80

Improve your stamina, strengthen your core, and drop excess pounds by using a weighted training vest.

Weighted training vests aid in all resistance training exercise programs, and are always an asset when you’re running, walking or performing other common exercises.

JumpUSA offers the ZFO 80 lb pound weight vest that fits comfortably to your body and does not obstruct your breathing or biomechanical movements. Many high level athletes consistently use weighted training vests to gain resistance during their programs because they will help you run faster, jump higher and increase your agility quicker than you would not using a vest.

The total weight of your vest can be adjusted by simply adding or subtracting the weighted belts that are included, and its molded fit ensures your weight doesn’t shift during grueling workouts.

Easily add resistance to your workouts and training by purchasing a weighted vest. To learn about the many benefits of weighted training vests, please contact JumpUSA today.

  • 80lbs. max weight limit. 80Lbs included.
  • Total weight can be adjusted.
  • Great way to add resistance to your workout.
  • One size fits most!


We are really enjoying the ZFO Weight Vest which helps us improve our game.

- D. Durbin

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