"No one passes me the ball. I hated it. Then I did something about it. I watched the Millenium Series DVD. No one would pass me the ball because I was hardly ever open. I learned one of 5 easy moves to get open. (see 0:55 in the trailer) Way too often, I would get shut down when I got the ball. Then I learned a killer secondary finishing move (one of 6 - see 0:42 in the trailer)... and the rest is history. Now I'm known to the rest of team as MONEY."

The Millenium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set is one of the most detailed Offensive Skill DVDs you will find. It is almost two hours in length (Double DVD) including concepts such as: Triple Threat Series, Dribble Attack Series, Dribble Threat Series, Secondary Finishing Moves, How to Get Open, and Hand Quickness. It will no doubt include enough information and drills to last you a few years of training. Mixed with our Overload V-Hands Wrist Weight Training, this DVD will help you reach that next level in offensive scoring situations.

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