Slipp-Nott Sticky Mats

These sticky mats otherwise known as slip not mats have been the #1 choice for indoor traction since 1987.

Slipp Nott Mats Give you better traction on slippery, dusty floors!

STANDARD MAT Specifications

Base specs: 18" x 19" x 5/16" thick
Mat specs: 60 sheets - 15" x 18"

Typical Usage: 3-6 sheets per basketball game
The original sticky mat, The Slipp-Nott Mat increases safety and performance of ANY athlete needing traction on smooth indoor floors. For over a decade Slipp-Nott has set the world standard for indoor traction and our products can be seen at most televised basketball games.

All Slipp-Nott sets are used for getting better traction on slippery dusty floors. 

The specialty engineered adhesive easily removes the dust/dirt from shoe soles without transferring adhesive to the shoe. Transparent sheets make it easy to notice the soiled top sheet and thus remove it easily by convenient corner tabs.

Slipp-Nott Mat with 60 sheets


60 replacement sheets only


2 PACK - Slipp-Nott Mats with 60 sheets
SAVE $10


6 pack of replacement sheets (360)
Regular $299 - SAVE $50
equivalent cost: $41.66 per


18 pack of replacement sheets (1080)
Regular $899 - SAVE $200
equivalent cost: $38.83 per


LARGE MAT Specifications

Base specs: 28" x 29" x 5/16" thick
Mat specs: 60 sheets - 26" x 26"
Typical Usage: 2-4 sheets per basketball game

LARGE Slipp-Nott Mat with 60 sheets
Price:  $169.95


LARGE 60 replacement sheets only


Who else is using Slipp-Nott?
  • Slipp-Nott was purchased by 28 of the 29 Pro basketball teams.
  • Slipp-Nott used by 22 of the TOP 25 NCAA Basketball teams - Feb. 11, 2001
  • Slipp-Nott used at NCAA post season tournament for the seventh year in a row!
  • Slipp-Nott used by 9 of 10 PAC 10 schools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Slipp-Nott traction system?

The S-N traction system is made up of the base and the mat. The base is made of modified Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Terpolymer (A.B.S), and it is bonded to a ribbed rubber backing which protects the floor and holds the base in place. The S-N mat is the replaceable set of sheets which is attached, as a set, to the base. These sheets are clear and are individually treated with a water based acrylic material, specially formulated for the S-N mat. Each used sheet is peeled off from the mat to expose a new, clean sheet.

Why do you need Slipp-Nott?

Many sports are played at high speed and require quick starts, stops and cuts by an athlete.These sports are generally played in indoor arenas on waxed floors. The indoor floors are always smooth but can be synthetic, linoleum or hardwood. The wax, dust or dirt can be transferred to the sole of the athlete's shoes limiting or interferring with his ability to execute these quick and sharp maneuvers. ANYTHING between the sole of the athletic shoe and the floor reduces the traction the athlete's needs to make his maneuvers. It is not unusual to see a player wiping the sole of his shoes with his hands to remove any wax and dirt buildup. Slipp-Nott product is the perfect traction system to improve maneuverability and reduce possible injuries.

How does Slipp-Nott work?

When an athlete steps on a Slipp-Nott mat, the dust, dirt and wax that accumulate on the soles of athletic shoes remain on the adhesive coating of the exposed (top) sheet of the mat. When the top sheet is covered with dirt, it should be peeled off and discarded. Sheets can be recycled.

How do you store Slipp-Nott mats?

Just keep the mats laying flat, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

Where can you see the Slipp-Nott?

When you watch televised basketball games, those square things on the sidelines are Slipp-Nott products. Professional Basketball, college and high school sport teams around the country are all satisfied customers. 

How can clean shoes increase traction if the floors are dusty?

It is true that the floor is dusty but clean shoes increase traction even on dusty floors because the sole also makes contact with the parts of the floor that are not covered with dust.

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