Wearing Instructions

The back ring provides secure gripping.

Cleaning Instructions:

The ZF Vests are NOT machine washable To clean the vests, sprinkle them with water and wipe with a soft towel. Do not wash the iron weights.

  1. Received in two pieces: One front piece and one back piece. Accessories included: one set of Belts and assigned weights.
  2. Adjust the length and position of the shoulder straps on both front and back piece of the vest.
  3. Fix the two pieces together by attaching onto both shoulder side to fit your best comfort. Secure the shoulder straps thru the D-rings.
  4. Smooth the belt thru d-rings. Attach the belts to the vest. Please see the diagram for steps.
  5. Fix the belts to fit your waist or your body comfort.
  6. Double check secure each packets. Put the vest on. Adjust the belts accordingly.