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(2) Heavyballs + Heavyball Training Video

(2) Heavyballs + Heavyball Training Video

Price: $79.95

The Heavy Ball Basketball is official size but at 3 lbs, it weighs more than twice the official weight (which is 1.3 lb.) Practicing with a heavier ball will improve all areas of your game by helping you become a stronger shooter, passer, rebounder, and ballhandler. Available in both regulation and Intermediate sizes. Excellent grip and feel, bounces like a regulation basketball. Buy two balls and save. For complete ball handling control, there is no such thing as lefthandedness or righthandedness. You need to be equally adept with either hand. This two ball package comes complete with cd-rom drills video. It shows double ball drills that maximize your ball handling skills simultaneously for either hand. Regular size 29.5" 3 lbs., Intermediate size 28.5", 2.75 lbs. Rubber construction.

Before ordering the heavyball, my handle was weak, especially my left hand. I was getting ripped by the defenders every time i put the ball up and my shooting range was weak too. But after 3 weeks of using the drills on the dvd my handles increased dramatically and now I just blow right by defenders and cross them up too. Nobody can stick me now. My shooting range has increased. Also I can shoot from half court with no problem and my 3 point percentage has sky rocketed too. Big ups to that heavy ball + dvd thanks!

- Cris Dillard

The heavy ball has improved my release and increased my range on jumpers and made it easier for fadeaways!

- Rick Mazo

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