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The Best Kept Secret in Sports Nutrition

Many of the top professional and amateur athletes are familiar with the function of this revolutionary product but they won't even tell their best friend about it. 

You can gain up to 11% more exercise capacity!

Muscle Nitro improves aerobic capacity by an astonishing 11%. And that's not based on some pie-in-the-sky claim, but results derived from a university study conducted by the world famous exercise physiologist, Dr. Thomas Fahey. 

This literally means "more wind."  Think about being 11% better tomorow than you were in your last race! 

Stop Muscle Soreness!
Muscle Nitro can help you recover more quickly.  Every time you maximally stress muscle, calcium ions leak out and damage the membranes of your muscle cells.  This sets off a chain of events leading to inflammation which can easily cut your recovery rate in half.  You experience this damage as pain, soreness, injury and poor performance.  In another university study it was confirmed that Muscle Nitro prevented muscle damage (as determined by blood test), and also dramatically reduced subjects' perception of delayed onset muscle soreness. 



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