What's your Jump Quotient? Find out your magic number to dunk . . .

The Dominator
Powernetics Machines
The SuperCat, the Bear, and other machines used by the pros.
Hip Flexor Resistors to improve your acceleration and top speed!

Hanging Abs
Hanging Leg Raises are becoming one of the most popular abdominal exercises. This works your entire ab section, including the difficult to hit lower abs.
New Athletic Supports and Gear
More Knee Supports, Compression shirts and pants, all from McDavid - the leading suppliers of Athletic Supports.
Air Hockey Table
Signature Air Hockey Table

Powered 7' Air Hockey Tables

Basketball: (click here to see all Basketball Products)

NBA Shooting Sleeves
Keep your shooting arm warm, improve circulation!

Baeurfiend Knee Braces
State of the Art Knee Braces - You've seen the Warriors - Richardson and Monta Ellis - wearing them.

Steve Nash DVD
Learn first-hand from Steve the training secrets needed to become a complete basketball player.

Jay Hernandez Pro Shooting Video
Unstoppable Moves & Combos that Create Scoring Opportunities!

Magic Fundamentals DVD
Train with Magic, Kareem, Carmelo, and more!

Baseball: (click here to see all Baseball Products)

Big League Baseball Fundamentals
3 DVD's and over 5 hrs of professional instructions in Hitting, Pitching, Fielding!

Zone-In Isolator
Multi-colored strike zone, with individual pockets subdividing the strike zone; customize your pitching drills to enhance throwing accuracy for all types of pitches!

The Quick Swing
Batting practice just got better. The Quickswing can be used in place of a Soft Toss, just drop the ball and swing!

The Swingbuster Stayback Tee
Pop-Up Tee that trains you to hit the right way - hands back, foot down, hips leading to the ball.

Golf: (click here to see all Golf Products)

The Refiner Golf Club
Hinged Swing Trainer teaches you the perfect swing!  Now available in Driver and Putter!

Flush Hit Driver
Captures the ball on good contact - start hitting your drives at the perfect sweet spot!

The Divot Mat
The DivotMat™ System will improve your ball contact! with 500 Swing Impressions

New Books and Videos:
The one Video NFL Scouts don't want you to see!

Football Combine Tests Video

Sports Vision

by Marv Marinovich

Become a Certified Plyometrics Trainer !

Explosive Power and Strength
by Dr. Donald A. Chu

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