A Magic Exercise Adds 3 inches to your jump IMMEDIATELY ...
Done With Jumpsoles it Adds up to 5 inches to your jump IMMEDIATELY.

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Vince Carter talks about "The JumpSoles Dunk"

In my first month of using Jumpsoles I gained 10 inches. I just won a dunk contest with my new 360 degree DUNK. Thanks Jumpsoles! - M. Ohmit, Akron OH

After using Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors for a month and a half, I had a 25" vertical before. I now have a 34" vert and can jam wicked 2-handed tommys and windmills on a regular basis. Not only that, but I boosted my rebounding from 8 to 12 boards per game! I now let my friends borrow them to try it themselves and they exclaim, "Whammy! I can't believe it!" Thank you so much Jumpsoles! You have helped me and my friends out a bunch!
-Parker L, Sandy UT

Hi, and thank you for jumpsoles. They are amazing. My first dunk was just three weeks after I got the jumpsoles. I now have a 38 inch vertical jump. I can almost put my elbow in the rim. I really recommend jumpsoles to anyone who wants to reach the top.
-B. Johnson, Lansing MI