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Bauerfeind Airloc Ankle Brace

Bauerfeind Airloc Ankle Brace

Price: $89.95

Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the ankle

  • Acute capsular ligament injuries of the ankle
  • Chronic instability
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Relapse prevention
  • AirLoc is a stabilizing orthosis incorporating an innovative flexible shell. This facilitates optimal adaptation to the individual foot width and the degree of swelling.
  • The plastic shells are anatomically contoured and therefore fit the ankle comfortably.
  • Patient-friendly fitting with 4 individually adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Individually inflatable air cushions facilitate very close fitting for the respective degree of swelling.
  • The AirLoc system provides a high degree of stabilization for the ankle.
  • The streamlined shell design offers advantages when the shell is worn inside a shoe.
  • AirLoc is available in one universal size for the right and left foot.
Mode of Action
  • The orthosis supports sensorimotor function to counteract ankle twisting.
  • The orthosis stabilizes the lateral capsular ligaments of the ankle, particularly when used in combination with a shoe.
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