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Rick Barry Dot Shot DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid Arm Sleeve

Rick Barry Dot Shot DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid Arm Sleeve

Price: $19.99
NOTE: Size Small and Black Medium are currently out of stock
DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid is a patent pending training aid that combines a compression sleeve with visual reference points (the Dots) to help basketball players improve their shooting. Gives basketball players the ability to "See and Sense" their shooting arm. It employs the powerful affects and effects of compression technology along with a unique visual design to improve elbow alignment, ball arc, arm awareness and shooting accuracy.

The Dotshot helps you shoot the basketball with Proper Alignment (see the dots in straight line with elbow pointing down) and Proper Arc (see only one dot after you shoot). If you see more dots, you shot the ball flat. The DotShot is designed with simple, solid dots that your eye easily sees and your mind quickly processes allowing you to instantaneously use this information during the shooting motion.

The other shooting aid products on the market today are designed to help basketball players shoot better during training times, but none of these can be worn in game type situations. All of the other shooting aid products are too cumbersome and/or too constraining. The DotShot allows for natural shooting movement.

How to use the DotShot:
  1. SEE. The DotShot improves your alignment and arc by helping you see (using your peripheral vision) your arm position and movement. The dots give you visual reference points to remind you to properly align your arm (see the dots in a straight line with elbow pointing down) and to shoot the ball with proper arc (see only the dot closest to your elbow after you shoot and hold your follow through). If you see all the Dots while you are still looking at your target then your shot the ball flat.
  2. SENSE. The DotShot improves your awareness by helping you sense the compression sleeve on your arm. The DotShot stimulates your mind and body to better feel your shooting arm and shooting motion.
  3. SCORE! The DotShot improves your accuracy by helping you practice with better shooting form.
Product Features:
  • Warmth
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Moisture Control
  • Fashion
  • Available in Black or White
Sizing Information:
  • Small fits players with forearms 7-9 inches around and approx. 60-100 lbs
  • Medium fits players with forearms 9-11 inches around and appox. 120-160 lbs
  • Large fits players with forearms 11-13 inches around and approx. 180-220 lbs
  • Extra Large fits players with forearms 13+ inches around and 240+ lbs

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