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"You Mean Playing This Video Game Could Make Me a Basketball Star?..."

"You'll Make Smart Decisions That Win Games And Impress Coaches."

You'll lose when you don't see patterns quickly . . .

Do you ever fantasize playing basketball where you alone are hyper-aware and everyone else is moving in slo-o-o-w motion? Like having spider sense, you know where your teammates are. You know exactly where they're going. And as for your opponents? You see their moves three plays ahead of time. Well, now there's a way you can achieve this hyper-aware state of mind on the court.

When training to play hoops, whether it's in the pro or college level, the physical way of preparing is the same from coast to coast. Lifting weights, watching your diet, daily practice, competing a lot. $2500 AAU travel teams. Skills camps at $625 per session. They all make your overall game better. But what about the intangibles: That stuff inside your head. Game awareness, reaction speed, the peripheral vision to make a behind-the-back pass to a guy you can barely see but you know he's there. That's stuff you just can't teach, said the conventional wisdom. Impossible. . . Until now with the availability of Intelligym brain software.

It's Fighter Pilot Training For Basketball

The brain experts at Applied Cognitive Engineering came up with a way where not only is it possible, but it's working wonders in real competition. They came up with Basketball Intelligym Cognitive Hoops Training. The methodology was actually developed for use with fighter pilots in the Air Force where quick thinking means either life or death. It's not quite that serious on the court, but the thinking process behind it is similar.

Myth Busted:

Are A Gamer's Instincts Really Inborn?

For sure to make you and your team play better, Intelligym explodes the myth that game awareness is just inborn instincts. Your awareness and instincts can actually be increased by training your mind to think faster. Intelligym programmers considered every mental skill needed on the court - which they ironically found to be quite similar to those in fighter pilots - and came up with exercises that would heighten those skills.

On the surface it's just a video game. Yes, a video game! Who says training isn't supposed to be fun? But coach after coach, and player after player who's tried it all agree that playing the game actually makes you think. In a game that resembles Asteroids (but with basketball specific decision drills) it's all about thinking ahead about the movements in front of you. One example is looking at a snapshot of a certain formation and then recognizing it again when it forms in front of you moments later. That can be translated into critical game time anticipation, recognizing an opportunity for a steal, and many other quick decisions under pressure.

Quick Results

Intelligym improves your skills quickly because of the sheer intensity of the workout. In real games you need to make split-second "money-time" decisions under extreme pressure only once in a while. Basketball Intelligym requires you to make them non-stop, for 30 minutes straight... In fact a single session with Intelligym loads your decision making skills more than many hours of live play!

Training sessions usually last about half an hour two to three times a week. You'll soon notice improvement in your game within weeks, usually after about 8 to 10 sessions. You'll start to see that Intelligym --
  • Gives You Improved Real-Time Decision-Making Skills
  • Gives You Hyper Aware Court Sense
  • Gives You "Spider Sense" Powers of Anticipation
  • Boosts Your Rebounds
  • Boosts Your Assists and Steals
  • Cuts Down on Your Turnovers
Basketball Intelligym is the first brain training program in the world that dramatically improves your basketball game-intelligence skills. Whether you are trying to make your junior high school basketball team, improve your play on the playground or get a college scholarship, the IntelliGym will help you get there.

Proven By AAU thru NCAA Champions

Intelligym has been embraced especially at the college level. UConn head coach Jim Calhoun and his then Memphis counterpart John Calipari were among the first to jump onboard and are now huge advocates. And the stats back them up. A couple years ago, seventeen teams used it. Eleven of them made the NCAA tournament. Five of those were conference champions. And that list also includes Florida who won it all that year. Intelligym works.

"The Basketball Intelligym is revolutionary. Any coach that will look at it will recognize immediately what it can do for his players; I wouldnt be surprised if five years from now every college and pro team in the U.S. will have the Intelligym Trainer as an integral component of its training system. In a championship game, all other factors being equal, the coach that used the Intelligym system will most likely be the one cutting off the nets."
 - Jim Calhoun, UConn Head Coach

"WOW! ... After being involved with the Intelligym system, we have noticed that T. has better passing and decision-making ability while on the court. He is able to see the whole court and open players in a quick second...Thank you so much!"
- Parents of T., Point Guard, Indiana

"Intelligym trains players in making the right choices.The guys that really bought in -- it helped. Some guys didn't buy in, and these are the same guys that make bad decisions. It's that simple. We've been using the Intelligym and it's so effective that it's only a question of time until everyone else does, too. It's inevitable."

- John Calipari, Head Coach, University of Kentucky
"Our player completed 8 training sessions...hisreactions were quicker and he had some of his best games early in the season including a pair of 25 point outings. It clearly helped his court awareness and decision-making and helped our team come together quicker than I had expected."
- John Hamilton, Head Coach, Indy Tech, Indiana

"We benefited right away from this product. Our point guard trained diligently, and as promised we saw great strides from his play. He broke our single season and game assist records, earned 1st Team All-State and Metro North Player of the Year honors and a scholarship to play at Boston University."
- Mark Galloway, Head Coach, Carmel High School, Indiana

"My turnovers went down from 4 to less than 1, and so was the number of times I was blocked...my coach says I make smart decisions...I now make better shot selections and dominate passes...I would recommend the Intelligym because it really works!"
- Chris, 14, shooting guard, Tampa, Florida

"I find myself making more passes and getting more assists and open shots for my teammates... My coach says that I have improved in my half-court playmaking."
- Mike, 13, point guard, Connecticut

"After my father purchased the Intelligym I was able see the floor a lot better and help my team compete on the national level."
- J.O., 13, Power Forward, North Carolina

"My daughter likes playing the Intelligym as it does not feel like work to her... She is now averaging 15 points a game where last year she averaged 6 points a game... This product has made a huge difference in her game."
- Father of R.S., 14, Guard, New York

Warning to Parents: Possible Side Effect

As a byproduct of using Intelligym, we must fully disclose to all parents a potential side effect on your student athletes... Better grades! If you're a parent, you may soon notice that your kids concentrate harder, for longer time, follow directions, see much easier "the whole picture", grasp new concepts and facts easier. You'll come to love Intelligym because it actually enhances your son's or daughter's education.

OK, How Do I Get Started?

You may already have spent up to $2500 or more in tournament fees and travel expenses for your AAU Team. You may already have spent $625 plus airfare to top notch basketball camps. They're all very important investments for your basketball future. It shows you're fully committed to succeed. Now seal the deal and put it all together with Intelligym brain training.

Averaged out over a year, you may already be spending $300 per month or more to play your best competitive basketball. Certified personal trainers specializing in basketball can charge $95 per hour. At one session per week, that's almost $400 per month. Consider what you spend just watching television. You may be spending an extra $160 per month just to get the NBA channel on cable. Yes, spending money on entertainment is one thing, but how about spending money on something more lasting - like your child's or your own future? An investment that could reap windfalls of basketball success for you, the Intelligym is an incredible deal at just $67 per month. But for a limited time only, you'll be able to lock in at a way lower price...

What Do I Get When I Subscribe?

You get access to ongoing monthly basketball training for your brain. Just download it onto your computer. Through your internet connection Intelligym talks to our central computer servers which continually monitor your progress and tailor the game characteristics to match your level.

Like Hiring a Basketball Tutor
...for a Couple of Pizzas

Now for a limited time only: Instead of paying $67 per month, you can start Intelligym brain training for just $37 per month. Our hosting company gave us an volume deal on more bandwidth, and we want to pass the savings onto you. While soon we'll have to increase our price back up to $67, you can lock in your special rate if you act now... Teams and families: For just a little more, your sibling or your entire team can also get better by using Intelligym. It's just $4.95 per month extra for each additional user. Why? Separate user accounts are created because, like a personal basketball tutor, the system remembers each user to customize the training for his/her level. Bottom line, you simply pay as you go and are free to cancel at any time.

For just $37 - that's a couple of pizzas - you get to fuel your brain and feast on session after session of critically important basketball IQ building and decision speed training. Who knows - that scholarship might now be just that much closer within your reach.

However Some Bad News . . .

While Intelligym will give you Jedi-like abilities on the basketball floor, we do have a bit of bad news: You might not even be able to get one. As of this writing, there are only 263 open slots available for Intelligym training. To make sure we can fully support our existing user base of Intelligym installations we can open up only 263 intelligym training slots at this time. (Check below for the real-time actual number of subscription slots available.)

Don't be shut out... Your son's, daughter's, or your own basketball destiny is just waiting to happen...

Get Your Intelligym NOW:

YES , Please admit me into one of the now .. 12 .. available openings for the Intelligym Basketball Brain Training System at a subscription of just $67 $37 per month, 30-day money back guaranteed, which I'm free to cancel at any time.

Price goes back up to $67 midnight tonight

I can't wait to start running circles
around my slower thinking opponents!

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