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Squatflex Made My Hops Explode. . .
Now that I Can Dunk, My Life Feels Complete. . .
To Dunk is the Best Feeling You Can Ever Have!

Slam dunking a basketball is one of the most exciting thrills to witness in all of sports. And if YOU are the one dunking the ball, for that one delicious moment - YOU are the star. YOU are making the statement. YOU are important. YOU are the person other people wish they could be. YOU are the one feeling one of the ultimate thrills anyone can ever have. How much would that be worth to YOU? $500? $1000? Priceless?. . .

If you thought dunking was impossible . . . Think again.

We've created a system that's so easy to follow, so easy to use, it will explode your hops. In fact, this system is GUARANTEED to get you to dunk. No matter how far away from dunking you are now, whether you're a foot away, or just a couple of inches away, clanking the rim, this thing will take you over the top. This thing is called Squatflex, and in the underground balling circles, it's already become legendary.

Squatflex takes the mystery out of dunking.

It's so simple. You Need Strong Leg Muscles to Dunk. Obvious, but so easily overlooked. Get your legs muscle strong enough and you can dunk, no matter what height you are.

We've made it simple.

  1. Begin using Squatflex
  2. Increase the number of resistance bands you use
  3. Get to 7 bands of resistance
  4. Dunk away
  5. Impress everyone you know
Dunk Training the Quick & Easy Way

If you consider all the vertical jump exercises that are out there, they all boil down to one thing: making your legs strong enough to propel you in the air. Even the so called plyometric exercises for explosive training depend on having strong leg muscles to begin with. Why not cut to the chase. You haven't got all day. You need to get strong enough to lift serious poundages ASAP. For that, Squatflex is the method that gives you the most bang for the buck. Squatflex gives you the strongest leg muscles possible in the quickest, most efficient, and practical way ever.

By the Yard it's Hard . . . Inch By Inch It's a Cinch

How do you achieve all that extra vert between you and dunking? You just follow a simple progression of resistance until your legs get to the level of 7 bands. That's right, get to 7 bands you can dunk. It's the 7 band rule. Why 7 bands?
We've tested dunker after dunker, and the average dunker can lift 7 bands per side. Anyone can train themselves to do it, you included. So even if you're not the tallest or genetically freakiest, there's hope for you yet. The power of dunking is totally achievable.

Here's the progression of what you can expect:

Level 3 bands per side: Average Strength
Level 4 bands per side: Getting There
Level 5 bands per side: Stronger
Level 6 bands per side: Just Missing Dunks
Level 7 bands per side: DUNKING !!!
Level 8 bands per side: KISSING THE RIM

FYI: 1 band per side is 60 lbs resistance. 7 bands per side is 420 lbs resistance. Squatflex comes with 10 bands per side for up to 600 lbs resistance!

How Does Squatflex Work?

Using giant flat rubber bands and a special anchoring platform, Squatflex lets you wrap layer upon layer of rubber band to "gang" them up to incredibly high poundage / resistance levels. Follow the included workout program designed to steadily increase your max.When you can lift 7 bands per side, youíll have the necessary leg power to propel your body into dunk territory. Itís the most surefire way to dunk ever. Plain and simple: You dunk or your money back, GUARANTEED.

The Squat Flex Does One Thing . . . And it Does it Extremely Well.

The Squat Flex takes the traditional squat and modifies into a much more effective exercise for building your vertical. You grab the bar behind your legs and stand up. It's a great way to do squat training for vertical jump. You get all the benefits without any of the side effects because it places much less load on your spine. All the work is done purely below the waist, and all the resistance is focused on your quadriceps. For vertical jump training, building the quadriceps is your top priority because of all the muscles in your body, it's the muscle group that contributes the most force to getting you off the ground. To develop the quads, no other device on the market comes close to offering the awesome 600 lbs of resistance you can get with the Squat Flex.
Again, plain and simple: You dunk or your money back, GUARANTEED.

Squatflex is Your Secret Method

While there are high profile types who seek attention when they train, we recognize that if you're not able to dunk yet, you'd prefer to get attention for your actual dunks, not for your secret training methods. You'd like to hone your jumping skills under the radar. You'd rather come out of nowhere, unexpected, and just jam it down to the surprise of everyone. Squatflex is your secret method. Squatflex is so compact and portable, it lets you get a high intensity crazy leg strength building workout anywhere. In your dorm room, bedroom, even in front of the TV. These are places you can be quietly, privately building massive leg strength, just waiting to be unleashed for your first ever dunk when you get to level 7.

The Reason You're Not Dunking Now

FACT: the average dunker can lift 7 bands on each side once (420 lbs). As a minimum, YOU MUST HAVE THAT LEVEL of leg strength to dunk. If youíre not dunking right now, it means your legs donít have the necessary horsepower yet. Studies have shown a solid correlation between the amount you can squat and your vertical jump. The more weight you can squat, the higher you can jump.

Squats Are Great But . . .

The squat is considered the gold standard of strength training for vertical jump because it works the major muscle groups for jumping. However, your progress will depend on access to a squat rack, spotters, and complete dedication to driving over to the gym on a regular basis at up to $450 in yearly membership, not counting $400 in gas money. That's at least $850 with no guarantee of consistently being able to put in the work.

Or, you could spend over $2000 for a squat rack and Olympic barbell setup for your home. Then pay up to $500 just to have it all hauled by freight carrier truck, and then two movers with a forklift to roll it into your dorm? your bedroom upstairs? your already full garage?

Another Problem with Squats

The traditional squat with the bar on your shoulders places big load on your spine and lower back. The heavier you lift, the stress on your lower back outweighs the strength you gain in your legs. Overdoing the back squat can compress your vertebrae. Squished soft tissue in between your vertebrae over time can be quite painful. . .

Let's Review the Dollars:

$850 with: Hassle factor of going to a gym.  Standing in line waiting for the machine.  Rounding up people to spot you.  How likely are you going to be able to get in there, follow through with all this and work out consistently?

$2500 for your own home squat rack and Olympic barbell set. Rounding up people to spot you. Do you have the space for it? Again, how likely are you going to be able to follow through and work out consistently?

What would it be worth to you if you could dunk?

Without thinking twice, you may already have dropped some cash on:

    * a few pair of Nike's
    * a PS4 or XboxOne
    * a couple pair of High End Jeans and a Designer Tshirt
    * an iPhone/iTouch and a couple of dates to the Cheesecake Factory

Hey Wake Up: That same amount of cash is all it takes to make one of your greatest dreams come true. An incredible bargain to pay to get one the greatest feelings in the world: the thrill, satisfaction, and status of being able to DUNK A BASKETBALL!

It's So Easy to Attain:

Just imagine: Order
a Squatflex machine and have UPS drop it off at your door. You easily carry it upstairs. You take Squat Flex out of the box and start lifting. You follow the included workout program designed to steadily increase your max. Soon, you can lift 7 bands per side, and you find yourself in the exclusive league of those who can dunk. Squatflex has proved to be the ticket to your dreams.

First stop:

Good Power in Your Legs = You Can Dunk

Final destination:

Serious Horse Power in Your Legs = You can Dunk in Style: Windmills, Tomahawks, Jaw Dropping Elbow Jams, etc.

Get Serious Horsepower in your Legs.

One warning however
: Quantities are extremely limited. Out of the tens of millions worldwide who dream about dunking, only 500 will be lucky enough to get the system that delivers their dunk dreams guaranteed. Don't be left out. Get your Squat Flex Now!

not $2500
(Home Squat Rack Setup)

not $850
  (Gym Membership, Gas, & Hassle with waiting for other people)

not $497
  (Regular Price)

just $297 on sale
until we run out of them . . .

Get Your Way to Slam Dunking NOW:

YES , I want to be a member of that elite group: I want to Dunk! Please let me have one of the .. 3 .. available units of the Squat Flex Slam Dunk Vertical Jump System for not $850 .. not $497 .. but $297.