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Hypergravity Weight Belt with 20 lb. - (4) 5lb

Hypergravity Weight Belt with 20 lb. - (4) 5lb

Price: $139.95

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Favorite training tool of many dunkers: Weight belted athletes have outperformed non-belted athletes by over 200% in the standing jump and 32% better in the running jump after just 6 weeks of training. Weight Belts help increase vertical jump and help in explosive first steps and breakaway speed. You can train with the weighted belt and do plyometrics such as Jumpsoles training to see faster and greater results. Keep the belt on all day to burn 20% more calories. Play ball with the belt on. When you take it off you will feel lighter and supercharged with extra power. Complete with the hypergravity jump and speed training program.

I love it! I wear it when I walk my dog and clean the house. It's exercise without actually having to exercise! Great for busy, lazy people like me. I highly recommend this belt to anyone. It's SO much better than than all the other ones I've seen. Which were very uncomfortable, ill-fitting and did damage to my shoulders. A belt is the way to go.

-Kymm J.

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