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The SpringBak Insoles
Gain instant vertical and stride length 
with these amazing insoles!
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Plyoball Baseball Systems

Exercise Books

The Spin and Throw Resistor
for superior core strength and sport simulation

The Perfect Circle
for superior softball pitching ability!

Plyoball medicine ball systems have what you need to improve your pitching and hitting!  Join coaching legend Tom House or the A's strength trainer Bob Alejo as they teach you the techniques used in Major League Baseball training.
Pitching Machines
From whiffle balls to high-end baseball/softball pitching machines!


Tom House 
Books and Videos
In modern baseball, the best pitchers are those who master both the art and science of the position.  Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Kevin Brown are among the many greats who developed this mastery under pitching coach Tom House.  House offers you his special instruction and insight into the mechanics, conditioning, and psychology for superior pitching performance.
Enter the House of Tom House
The Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate

2005 Major League Spring Training Debut
Learn to throw to the corners of the plate!
The Bullpen Buddy

Baseball Skills and Drills

Baseball Skills and Drills Book by the American Baseball Coaches Association

Swing Trainers:
The Swingbuster Handsback Hitter

Pop-Up Tee that trains you to hit the right way - hands back, foot down, hips leading to the ball.
The Quick Swing

Batting practice just got better. The Quickswing can be used in place of a Soft Toss, just drop the ball and swing!
$99.95 shipped

The Thunderstick

A superthin regular weighted bat great for hitting accuracy. Fine tunes your hand-eye coordination for super slugging results! Plus, the Thunderstick is precision balanced to feel exactly like your game bat. Use the Thunderstick to practice hitting regulation baseballs. Then strike fear in the hearts of the opposition as you unleash the real lumber on them in a game.
34 inch regulation length
(Item # 7003)
Price:   US$59.95 

30 inch length for Juniors
(Item # 7003J)
Price:   US$59.95 

The Swing Sock Weighted Swing Trainer
  • Increase your Bat Swing Speed and Swinging Power
  • Great for warmup
  • Available for Youth and College levels

Speed Radars:
The Glove Radar

Using doppler sensors, this amazing radar fits on the back of your glove! 
Only $69.95!
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The Field General

Unique new glove prevents the ball from hopping out of your glove. 
The glove that actually helps you catch and prevents injuries.
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The Wrist Roller
  • Strengthen wrists and forearms
  • Reduce chance of injury to hands and wrist
Strengthen the forearms, wrists, and fingers and improve grip!  This has been found to be the best exercise to work all these muscles for strength and tone while preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   You roll the weight up until it reaches the handle, then roll it back down slowly.  Feel the healthy burn that builds muscle and leaves you feeling great!
The Wrist Roller
with 7.5 lbs of weight

2.5 lbs weight and 5 lbs. weight allows 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs gradual increase
The Wrist Roller
without weights

The Big Mouth Multi-Sports Net
Put a Sports net behind your ThrowPro to collect your pitches!
elsewhere: $149.95
ONLY U.S. $99.95!


Gain first step quickness, speed, vertical and running power in a money saving bundle.  Steal more bases!  Chase down more fly balls!

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