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Tape 1 - Offensive Scoring Workout
WANT TO SCORE MORE POINTS? Learn 12 moves that are GUARANTEED to increase your scoring average by up to 10 p.p.g.! Over 40 tips & drills for improving offensive skills. Fundamentally sound & fatally effective!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1211)

Tape 2 - Centers & Power Forwards Workout
LEARN TO POWER POST-UP AT ANY SIZE! 15 low post moves that let you dominate your opponenets. 12 drills for developing coordination, quickness & agility. Over two dozen tips for high & low post play!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1212)

Tape 3 - Guards & Small Forwards Workout
GAIN THE EDGE ON YOUR COMPETITION! 30 drills to become a dribbling, passing & ball handling wizard! Over 20 practice tips for developing awesome perimeter play. Increase playing time & confidence!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1213)

Tape 4 - Basketball TV Workout
WANT TO GET IN EXTRA PRACTICE TIME WHILE WATCHING TV? 24 exercises to improve flexibility & athleticism. Also dozens of drills for shooting, ballhandling, conditioning & more! A PRIME TIME workout program!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1214)

Tape 5 - Foul Shooting Fundamentals
Improve your foul shooting by up to 10% or more just from watching! Discover "Correct Methods of Concentration" & how to hit pressure F.T.'s. Learn the secrets for becoming a 90% free throw shooter!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1215)

Tape 6 - Point Guard Playmaker Workout
Learn the 5 Principles of successful Point Guard Play. From penetration & passing to pressure Defense, it's all here! Over 50 tips & techniques for becoming a great playmaker. Two dozen drills to develop point guard leadership & skills.
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1216)

Tape 7 - 60 Minute Basketball Skills Workout 
Dozens of all around gamd drills & game moves to develop game skills in only 1 hour a day! Ideal for team practices & competitions. Perfect for the "All Star" in all of us!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1217)

Tape 8 - Power Rebounding & Jumping Workout
Loaded with over 50 ideas & tips for improving rebounding skills & success. Over 30 drills that teach footwork & fundamentals for better rebounding. 12 exercises to increase jumping by up to 10 inches or more!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1218)

Tape 9 - Basketball Shooting Workout
IF YOU CAN SHOOT, YOU CAN PLAY - PERIOD! Dozens of GAME SHOTS, GAME SPOTS & game practice principles for shooting success! Learn the "Sure Shot Shooting Method", "Psychology of Shooting" & so much more!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1219)

Tape 10 - Backyard Basketball Games
Over 50 varieties of drills & games for skill development, competition, practice & fun! Great team competition drills. Ideal for easy skill development. Enjoyment for all ages!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1220)

Tape 11 - All Pro Basketball Moves
MOVES THAT WILL TURN THE HEADS OF MORE THAN JUST YOUR OPPONENTS! Two dozen moves for all playing positions, 20 offensive principles & more than 15 drills. Highlight / helper video of the series.
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1221)

Tape 12 - 3 on 3 Playing To Win!
You've pounded the pavement and played in the 3-on-3 tournaments for fun. Now, PLAY TO WIN! Discover winning concepts and strategies that will take you from the elimination bracket to the winner's circle. Tactics used by Hoop it Up champions Team Jumpsoles, Team Strictly Business, et. al. see Kingsley Ogwudire. 22 tips & ideas for better success in these tournaments. Learn the benefits of role playing & how to control momentum. More than 40 plays & facts that will teach you how to gain the edge and WIN!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1223)

Tape 13 - Basketball Defensive Workout 
Drills & principles that will take you over the top. A dominating defense with constant, fundamental, total team pressure that forces mistakes, turnovers, & missed shots. OFFENSE WINS GAMES, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # 1222)

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