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Yet another Jumpsoles success story...
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Jumpsoles and Proprioceptor


Reggie Thompson. 5 feet 7 inches tall. Shown at left squatting 500 lbs. To jump high you must be able to squat large weight!

"Your Phi Slamma Jamma Program is awesome! Since last summer I've added 13 inches to my jump which is now 53 inches! The Jumpsoles difference was stunning. Anyone would be crazy to train without them."

- Reggie Thompson

Reggie Thompson is currently circling the globe with the Harlem Ambassadors.  He started playing ball at a young age and wanted to gain vertical.  He went through various programs and products before finding the Jumpsoles, which skyrocketed his hops.  While already able to jump an incredible amount, he found out about our newest upgrade, the Proprioceptor, and began to train intensely with them.  His results were better than expected.  He expected to only gain balance, agility and quickness, but his vertical rose even more to an unheard-of 53 inches!  What would you do with that kind of vertical?

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