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What is medicine ball training?

     Medicine ball training is the old school, old fashioned workout that's being rediscovered by fitness experts everywhere. Medicine ball training is beautifully simple and easily adaptable to any range - of - motion activity. A fundamental part of any sports training method, medicine ball training can work wonders for just about anyone from children, to injured workers, to athletes both serious and casual.

Why Medicine Ball Training?

     Why? Because the medicine ball works to build core trunk strength and joint integrity. Building core trunk strength is now recognized as the first place to begin building strength by every sports trainer. Functional arm and leg strength originate from the core or trunk which includes the abs and back. 

     Joint integrity is vitally important, because no matter how strong your muscles are, you are only as functionally strong as your joints which direct your muscle movements. In other words, you are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and that is your joints. All too often, strong and otherwise well muscled athletes break down because of weak joints in the shoulder, elbow, hips, or knees. 

     Medicine ball training is designed to strengthen these areas. This allows you to more fully access your muscle strength. You also become more resistant to injury. Muscle sensory balance (also known as proprioception) and range of motion are the fundamental abilities which enable any vigorous athletic motion from running, jumping, or lunging. Unlike weight machines which limit and restrict natural movement, medicine ball training provides weight resistance through all planes of movement. You gain the strength and flexibility necessary for explosive motions from a powerful golf swing to a booming tennis serve. Explosive movements can only be learned by training explosively, and that's what the medicine ball provides!

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Work out like the Pro's!
Pro trainers of all sports insist on medicine ball training. Did you know? These are just some of the teams who have already been training with medicine balls for years:
  • Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Basketball Team 
  • U.S. Olympic Volleyball Team, Mens & Womens 
  • Atlanta Braves World Champion Baseball Team 
  • San Francisco 49ers Five time Superbowl Champions

Rock hard abs are yours . . . AND MORE!

For decades, boxers have used the medicine ball to develop rock solid abs. The medicine ball is used in 9 different exercises which tone the thighs. There are 5 different exercises to develop erect posture. PLUS: NBA players do 8 different exercises with medicine balls to increase vertical jump. World class sprinters do 7 different exercises with medicine balls to gain blazing speed.

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You may never win a Gold Medal or a Championship Ring, but you can certainly look as good as these champion athletes. If you train like a champ, you'll look and feel like a champ! So simple and so effective, the medicine ball generates powerful results. For the workout tool that's an essential part of your sports training program, get the Plyoball™ medicine ball! (click here to purchase)

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