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Platform shoes keep you off your heels, allowing a wider range of movement for your calf.  Each jump is therefore more effective and can help you reach new heights.  Many training programs will tell you to jump every day, hundreds or even thousands of times.  This causes wear and tear on your body, especially your knees and back.  Jumping fewer times with more effectiveness is the way to go, which is why platform shoes have been used for decades with great success.  Because of this, our training program recommends only one to three workouts a week, depending on the season of your sport!  

In addition, elastics, weight belts, or creatine can be used with the Jumpsoles for even quicker and faster vertical and running speed gains.  If we didn't know what we were talking about, we wouldn't give you the insane 1 year money back guarantee for Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors.

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