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Football Training

Football training products to improve your speed, explosiveness, and running power!

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Speed, Strength Agility Products

The Wrist Roller
Arm and wrist strength is crucial for all positions.  The Wrist Roller can help you throw further, hold the ball better, and stiff-arm and wrap tackle with an iron grip!

Train hard and prepare for full contact!  Whether you're offense or defense, we have what you need to get faster, stronger, and quicker - get ahead of the competition!

Use the principle of parachute assisted reverse aerodynamics to build blazing sprint speed! As used by top pro football teams & world class sprinters.

Agility Ladders
The Ultimate Footwork and Quickness Tool!

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Power Hurdles
Adjustable Hurdles - from 6" to 42"!

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The Jumpsoles Complex Speed Training Program
2 Extreme Workouts! 41 Intense Exercises!

Until the fall of the former Soviet Union, Europe has always kept their Olympic training program secret from the rest of the world. Now Christoph Mackala unveils these exercises and shows you how to add Jumpsoles to improve upon them! 

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Cris Carter's FAST Program
See the secrets and techniques taught at Former NFL Wide Receiver Cris Carter's facility in Boca Raton, FL!

A multitude of athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, & Major League Baseball have experienced what The FAST Program can do!

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Mini Step Hurdles
Available in 6" or 12"

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Two Great DVDs:

Joe DiFranco breaks down the Football Combines with detailed information on how to perform on the test.
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DVDs from the 49ers Strength
and conditioning Coach!

How to Become a Better Athlete DVD
Duane Carlisle, the 49ers Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, presents the 7 secrets to enhancing speed and athleticism in youth players!
DVD Only

Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine
Boosting backup energy stores is a great idea for football conditioning. Recover faster, work out longer.

The Heavy Football
For throwing power, arm and shoulder strength. 2X regulation weight.

The Hypergravity Weight Belt
For use in training with Jumpsoles or by themselves, these weighted belts are excellent for any exercise.  Brand new design allows the adjustment and addition of weights extremely easily in a sleek, comfortable package.

The Power Wheel
Build up your Power Zone - the torso, abs and lower back - and the hamstrings, which account for 50% of running power.

The Juke
Ultimate competitive reaction drill. Run chase or face to face drills. One athlete chases the lead athlete trying to maintain close distance. When too much separation occurs, it disconnects.

Add 5 - 10 inches to your vertical, 0.2 seconds off of your 40 yard dash, GUARANTEED!

The World's #1 plyometric training shoe platform has the ultimate upgrade.  The PROPRIOCEPTOR improves balance, agility, and quickness!  Used by 5-time champion San Francisco 49ers!

"My football team gained an average of 6 inches in vertical jump. I am truly amazed!"                                                 - Gary Agnitsch, Benicia, CA 

For power tackling and power running, work your power-zone(abs, torso, back) and your hamstrings with the Power Wheel.  The Proprioceptor will help you change direction quicker - for offense or defense - and the Jumpsoles add superior calf strength.

Jumpsoles Football System:
The Power Package
Jumpsoles + Proprioceptor + Advanced Proprioceptor video + Powerwheel


Athletic Supports
Supports for Knees, Wrists and Ankles

Pro Strips for Elbows

Resistance Running

Thigh Blasters
High-Knees have never been so difficult! By forcing yourself to push your knees up with force you can develop explosive speed and running power.

The Shoulder Surge
Shoulders are key in stride length, speed, and vertical jumping ability. Isolate your shoulders for power running!

Assisted Resistance Training
Partnered resistance trainers with belts, shoulder harnesses, and variable elastics

The Tandem Tow
Athletes take turns providing resistance for each other. The lead athlete runs against the resistance provided by the trailing runner.

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Overspeed Training
Overspeed training is a plyometric exercise, in that it forces fast eccentric contractions followed by concentric contractions. In this case the eccentric and concentric contractions are in the hamstrings and quadraceps. The goal of overspeed training is to force the athlete to increase the length and speed of their stride, while maintaining proper form.

Speed Parachutes

The Leapfrog
speed harness
Doubleman Overspeed
speed harness
Singleman Overspeed

Lateral Power

Lateral Power Boxes
For outdoor use, these steel frames boxes will get you exploding laterally! 

Lateral Power Trainer
For indoor use, steel platforms for lateral explosion

 Slide Boards
Develop strong quads for powerful running and jumping

Weight Training Equipment

Portable Crunch Bench
Offers 2 position incline and foot placement, for users of various heights and advancements.

Dimensions: 37"LX16"WX22"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: 300 lbs

Workout Tower
Pull-up and Chin-up bar, VKR, sit-up and push-up handles, includes chip and dip handles.

Dimensions: 56"LX40"WX86"H
Bench WT: 76 lbs
Cap: 350 lbs
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Agility Poles
Set of 4 Agility Poles for quick cuts and maneuvering. 60" Tall. 

Heavy Weighted Jumpropes

Elastic Resistance Tubing
JumpUSA Supports
Comfort and Support for Ankles, Elbows, and Knees - including Magnetic Knee Supports.

High Performance Sports Conditioning

The Bench Warmer
Heated Seat Cushions for those winter games!

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