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Dwyane Wade Padded Basketball Gear

McDavid hexpad

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Adjustable height hurdles!


The Wrist Roller
Chisel your forearms and strengthen your grip!

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One thing that matters a lot in a game is that how comfortable you are while playing and the clothing contributes a lot to it. Games even cause several kinds of injuries to the players. Every game demands proper outfit and accessories. When it comes to basketball, clothing refers to padded basketball shorts, jersey, shoes, arm and leg sleeves, support wear, etc. These not only look stylish but also provide many benefits like, joint supports, injury reduction, moisture absorption, body stability, stronger hold, compression for stronger reaction and much more. JumpUSA has an excellent collection of padded basketball gear and basketball accessories. We have an entire McDavid HexPad department that is endorsed by renowned players and celebrities. Check for the exclusive McDavid padded basketball gear worn by NBA star Dwyane Wade. The padded basketball shirts and shorts provide unsurpassed comfort while playing and easily stretch along for complete protection. This basket ball padded gear is available in standard sizes, which are small, medium, large and XL, though some products come in a single universal size. The brand name speaks for the quality, so you can be confident while choosing any of our products. From nose guards to knee braces, we have all types of basketball accessories that provide you ease and safety for a superb play. You can also get huge discounts on team purchase from our online store.

Worn by NBA star
Dwyane Wade and many more NBA players: The basketball protective gear that lets Dwyane Wade take it to the hoop without fear!

Dwayne Wade McDavid Hexpad Padded Basketball Gear
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McDavid HexPad Department

What McDavid products does Dwyane Wade wear during games?
Dwyane Wade hexpad shorts #7580 HexPad™ Thudd Shorts
Dwyane Wade hexpad shirt 7860 V-Hex™ Body Shirt
Dwyane Wade hexpad arm sleeve 6500 Hex™ Arm Sleeve
Dwyane Wade hexpad knee elbow pad 6440 HexForce Knee/Elbow Pad
Dwyane Wade McDavid ankle support 195 Ultralight Ankle


McDavid Ankle X
New! Low Profile, High Support - for after injury or max protection.

MAXIMUM Protection

Mueller Mercury Adjust-to-Fit Ankle Brace
New line of non-neoprene supports!

Moderate Support

Active Ankle
Great for after ankle injuries! Very restricted movement.

MAXIMUM Protection

Mueller ATF Pro Style Ankle Brace
Pro Level Ankle Brace w/ Universal Fit - support with some movement allowed

ADVANCED Protection

Pro-Tec™ Achilles Tendon
Stabilizes and reduces strain
to Achilles Tendon

Pro-Tec™ Arch Pro-Tec™
Compression pad reduces
excessive pronation.

McDavid 432 Ankle Support with Strap

Neoprene with wrap around velcro.

Moderate Support

McDavid 4 Pack Athletic Tape
100% cotton bleached white,
1-1/2" X 15 yards each roll.



Mueller Jumper's Knee Support
For mild patellar protection and support

ADVANCED Protection

Knee Pro-Tec
For extra patellar protection and support

ADVANCED Protection

Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap
For Maximum support above and below the kneecap

MAXIMUM Protection

Pro-Tec™ Back of Knee Wrap
For pain behind your knee

Pro-Tec™ Band Compression Wrap
Alleviates pain on outside of knee related to Iliotibial Band Syndrome


Bauerfeind Knee Supports
All New Bauerfeind Supports - Superb supports for any sport - used by the Pros.
from $49.95

McDavid Deluxe Knee/Elbow Pad
Premium Pad with Open Back

ADVANCED Protection

Mueller Hinged Knee Brace
For maximum protection or after injury

MAXIMUM Protection

Mueller Mercury Hg80 Knee Braces
All new non-neoprene brace

MAXIMUM Protection

McDavid 401
Knee Support


McDavid 402
Knee Support With Opening


McDavid 421
Patella Knee Support


McDavid 6443
Turtle Pad
Indoor Knee Pad, Great for soccer pads!



McDavid Hexpad Arm Sleeves
Comfortable, Breathable Padding

ADVANCED Protection

JumpUSA Neoprene Knee and Elbow Supports
Regular and Magnetic Supports.

Moderate Support
from $19.95 elbow, $29.95 knee

McDavid Deluxe Knee/Elbow Pad
Premium Pad with Open Back

ADVANCED Protection

McDavid Elbow Pad
Additional Padding for Impact

MAXIMUM Protection


Mueller Neoprene Blend Wrist Sleeve
Ideal for Wrist Sprains, Strains, and Arthritic Conditions

moderate support

McDavid Calf / Shin Support
For Strains and Shin Splints

moderate support

McDavid 454 Wrist
Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

ADVANCED Protection

Cho-Pat Shin Splint Compression Sleeve
Relieves pain and discomfort from shin splints

MAXIMUM Protection


McDavid Compression Shorts
Firm compression of quads and hamstrings

moderate support

Mueller Nose Guard
High impact plastic with padding - protects and supports injured noses

MAXIMUM Protection

NBA Headbands

Pro-Tec™ Ice-Up
Ice massage that speeds recovery!

Bauerfeind Insoles and Inserts

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