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The Big Ball - Jumbo Oversize Basketball - Composite Leather

The Big Ball - Jumbo Oversize Basketball - Composite Leather

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The Big Ball oversized basketball improves shooting accuracy and ball handling. After shooting and dribbling this jumbo basketball, playing with regulation sized balls will feel as easy as childs play! At one time during a championship run, Detroit's star center picked one up to improve his dribble. He soon found that shooting the oversized ball forced him to shoot with a higher arc. He went to score prolifically in the series - winning it all, and the rest is championship history! Get a pair to work on your tandem dribbling. Made of composite leather.

NOTE: Only men's size available.

The Big Ball has made a very noticable and very devastating improvement in my game. I use it every day to do my shooting drills, dribbling drills, driving drills and just shooting and dribbling around all the time. It makes it a lot easier to handle a regular ball with no problem. I can pull up just about anywhere at any time on the floor and score. My opponents are not very pleased . . .Thanks JumpUSA ! - Juan Mack

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