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Pushup Bars, 5lb Single Grip Ball, Wobble Board

Pushup Bars, 5lb Single Grip Ball, Wobble Board

Price: $69.95

Get Upper Body Definition in one All-You-Need Kit

It's one of the best workouts to get a sculpted shoulder and abs while adding mph to your arm swing. Increase chest, shoulder, and triceps strength with the push-up bars. Minimize hand, wrist, and elbow stress while performing close grip and wide grip push-ups, as well as extra low dips. High impact ABS pushup bars with non-slip end caps for increased stability, and foam handgrips for improved comfort. The Wobble Board doubles the effectiveness to your core and obliques. Get Pushup Bars, a 5 lb. Single Grip MedBall, and a Wobble Board in one convenient kit.

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