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Basketball Hoop Mounted Hanging Volleyball Spike Trainer Model 200

Basketball Hoop Mounted Hanging Volleyball Spike Trainer Model 200

Price: $399.00
Code: VST200

For height-adjustable basketball systems. Perfect your Volleyball hitting technique using the most cost-effective and durable Volleyball Spike Trainer on the market. Work on footwork and approach, jump, arm swing, and ball contact.

If your kids play Club Volleyball they will love the improved results that come from practicing at home with this product. Practice makes perfect, so give them the Volleyball Gift that makes a difference, a Volleyball Spike Trainer from Club Volleyball Gear.

Imagine hitting the perfect Volleyball set everytime. That is exactly what you get with the Volleyball Spike Trainer VST-200. Simply attach the VST-200 to the rim of a height adjustable Basketball Hoop System, adjust your basketball hoop system to players preferred Volleyball hitting height, and practice. Both the VST-200 and VST-100 allow you to do continuous hitting drills and conditioning in the gym or the comfort of your home. Learn Volleyball hitting technique for 3-step approach

Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor playing environments, our Volleyball Spike Trainers will provide you and your kids with years of use and a consistent training platform for improving Volleyball technique and achieving desired results.

If you manage or coach a Volleyball Club, or coach a High School Volleyball team, then the Volleyball Spike Trainer should be a part of your standard Volleyball training equipment list. For about the cost of 10 Volleyballs, you’ll be able to quickly improve the Volleyball hitting technique of your players, maximize gym time, and gain additional practice time for other skills such as serving, passing, setting and blocking.

Features and benefits:
  • Simple to Install: Designed to attach to the Rim of your height-adjustable portable basketball system, the Volleyball Spike Trainer (VST-200) is Simple to Install AND Requires No Tools. Simply attach the Rim assembly with the Rim Hooks/knobs, then attach the Hitting Arm and removable Volleyball Assembly.
  • Easy to Use: Adjust your portable basket system to your preferred hitting height and start practicing your hitting technique
  • Durable, Quick Release Elastic Volleyball Assembly: Top-quality Volleyball with integrated elastic bands provides the perfect set every time for realistic hitting practice. The removable Volleyball Assembly allows for safe storage or simple replacement
  • 30 Day Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee and Warranty: We are so confident you will love this product that we back it with a 30 day money back guarantee. We also include a 3 Year warranty on our Spike Trainers. (1 Year on Volleyball Assembly)

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