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Experience the winning difference with the ultimate shooting training system. This easy-to-use training system has already produced exciting results for players. Each shooting device has been skillfully created to improve basketball players of any age and skill level. High School, Street, College and Professional ball players will increase their accuracy, confidence and overall shooting skill. Against your opponent, have a PerfectJumper. You either make it, or you don't.

     "This product works."
        -Bobby Knight
Perimeter PRO 1

Perimeter PRO 1
  • Jump shots around the perimeter.
  • All around shot refinement.
  • Enhance your shot trajectory from anywhere on the court.
  • Refine your shot entry into the center of the basket.

Perimeter Pro 1
ONLY  $39.99
Perimeter PRO 2

Perimeter PRO 2
  • Jump shots all over.
  • Highly competitive players.
  • Excellent trajectory on each shot from anywhere.
  • Develop an accurate shot entry into the basket on each jump shot.
Perimeter Pro 2
ONLY  $39.99
Free Throw King
Free Throw King
  • Free Throws, Lay-ups and Bank Shots.
  • Develop finesse on your shot release.
  • Learn to accurately lay the ball up on the backboard.
  • Develop a consistent shot entry into the basket.
Free Throw King
ONLY  $79.99
Baseline Bomber
Baseline Bomber
  • Baseline Jump Shots and Midrange Shots.
  • Three-points Range Shots.
  • Naturally increase the arc of your shot.
  • Enhance your depth perception.
Baseline Bomber
ONLY  $59.99

BUY ALL 4 FOR $220!

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