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Perfect Pushup

Maximize your workout with a new spin on the most popular upper body exercise — the pushup!

Pushups are the oldest and most common exercises, and are used by militaries and competitive sports teams around the world to gauge overall fitness. As good as pushups are, they also have limitations. Pushups put stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders, and prevent the natural rotation of muscles and joints.

Perfect Pushup inventor and U.S. Navy SEAL, Alden Mills learned during his SEAL training, the more that exercises simulate the natural movement patterns of muscles and joints, the better the results and the less strain is put on the body.

Perfect Pushups are the ultimate pushup handles because they:

  • Move with your body’s natural rotation
  • Engage more muscles with less stress on joints
  • Achieve better results faster!

Perfect Pushup

 US $39.95 

The Perfect Pushup’s rotating hand grips allow your arms to rotate during a pushup the same way they naturally twist when you throw a punch or press up a dumb bell. This works more muscles and reduces strain on your joints – maximizing your workout.

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