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Step Hurdles 12"

The Step Hurdles allow the athlete to develp a quick kneelift and a quick step. Set hurdles apart as desired for agility drills, running drills or plyometric jumps. Can be used for forward or lateral movements. Made of durable PVC tubing. Light and portable. 12" high, 18" wide.
Step Hurdles (Item # STEPHURDLE)
Price:   US$9.95 


Step hurdles 6- set (Item # STEPHURDLE6) 
Price:   US$54.95 


Step Hurdle 12 - set (Item # STEPHURDL12) 
Price:   US$107.95 

Mini Step Hurdles 6"

 The Mini-Step Hurdles are lower than the Step Hurdles making them great for quick feet drills. They are perfect for lateral movements. They help the athlete keep the feet close to the ground while giving just enough knee lift. Made of durable PVC tubing. Light and portable. 6" high, 18" wide.
Mini Step Hurdle (Item # MINISTEPHURDL) 
Price:   US$9.75


Mini Step Hurdles 6 - set (Item # MINISTEPHURD6) 
Price:   US$52.95 


Mini Step Hurdle 12 - set (Item # MINISTEPHURD12) 
Price:   US$105.95 

Set of 3 Mini Step Hurdles(6") + 3 Step Hurdles (12")
Price:   US$53.95 


Hurdle Training Video

Hurdles provide one of the best tools available for teaching force application and recovery mechanics.  With the Hurdle Training Video, you will learn linear drills for speed, lateral and cutting movement skills, plyometrics, and sport-specific training ideas.  Hurdles are great for all sports, and add an element of fun to your practice sessions.  Step over your Hurdles and into your best sports performance!



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