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Speed & Agility Ladders

Agility is the key to success for many sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball etc. Feet coordination, quick movement, start and stop are the main areas that need to be worked upon by the players. There are many kinds of equipment that provide agility training and agility ladder is the most popular and practiced one. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. There are many drills that can be performed with agility ladders to help in improving speed and coordination. Agility ladder is the most effective way to increase endurance and leg muscle strength. Using 2 agility ladders attached at an angle will help in performing quick direction changing exercises which matter a lot in sports. We also offer agility ladder drills DVD that is narrated by experts for complete running, skipping and jumping training. Choose your sport specific exercises and get fully trained for agility in different movements. This agility training equipment is designed with equally spaced flat and plastic rungs, and velcro attachments. We also deal in other kinds of agility training devices like reaction balls, jumpsoles, lateral resistance bands, step hurdles and lots more. There are many different ways to configure your training with these items. Get discounts on purchase of pairs or more and be the quickest one in your team.

for indoor or outdoor agility exercises
complete with exercises

Develop great foot speed with change of direction exercises!
  • Develop foot quickness
  • Gain agility and coordination
  • Versatile and fun to use, great results
  • 15 foot agility ladders
  • Each ladder is 10 rungs spaced 18" apart, total length 5 yards.  Set of 2 ladders gives you 20 rungs at over 10 yards.
  • Rungs are flat plastic for rigidity and no-roll safety.
  • Ladder separates at the middle (with velcro) making two 15 foot ladders for parallel and change of direction exercises.
  • Includes 12 exercises for building foot speed, rhythm, reflexes, and overall body awareness.

2 Agility Ladders can be arranged in any way.
Each Ladder comes with velcro attachments.

agility ladder
Strength and Conditioning Trainer Brien Shamp

Agility Ladder Basic
with exercise sheet
(Item # LADD)
sold elsewhere at $44.95

Set of 2 Agility Ladders
with exercise sheet
(2) 15-foot ladders can be connected and configured
(Item # LADDER)
save $10 extra!

Agility Ladder Team Pack of 12
with exercise sheet and Ladder Drills Video
(12) 15-foot Ladders

Agility Ladder Drills DVD
This DVD takes a progressive look at training using one of the best tools available.  Use a full range of motion and innervation drills to train the neuromuscular system for greater athletic performance.  Choose from runs, skips, jumps, and shuffles to create your own personal sport-specific training program.  Plus, it is full of practical movement training tips to help you maximize your performance goals!

Ladder Drills DVD

2 Agility Ladders + Ladder Drills DVD
and exercise sheet
Save $5

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