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Dr. Don Chu's Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball
Price:   US$16.95 

Over 100 exercises! Includes descriptions, diagrams, and workout plans for every sport and exercise, showing which muscle groups are worked.

Arm Exercises for Individuals
Arm Exercises for Partners
Trunk Exercises for Individuals
Trunk Exercises for Partners
Leg Exercises for Individuals
Leg Exercises for Partners
Passing Exercises
General Body Exercises with Emphasis on Upper Extremities
General Body Exercises with Emphasis on Trunk
General Body Exercises with Emphasis on Lower Extremities
General Body Exercises with Emphasis on Total Workout
Exercises for Wheelchair Athletes

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     Optimum performance of an athlete requires two complementary abilities: skill and power.  All sports from ice skating to basketball share this feature.  This book describes exercises designed to develop power, particularly the speed component of power, in the upper extremities, trunk, and lower extremities.  It also includes exercises specifically for wheelchair athletes.

     Skill is derived from both natural abilities and learned technical expertise.  The learned portion of skill takes years of training under the supervision of a qualified coach.

     Similarly, power is derived from both natural abilities and developed muscle characteristics.  In addition to years of muscle conditioning, power requires an integrated program to develop its two complementary components, strength and speed.  While weight training develops strength, plyometrics develops the explosiveness called speed.

     First successfully used in Eastern Europe, plyometrics is now generally accepted in the United States as a key to the training of successful championship athletes.  More recently it has become a part of the general public's exercise regimen.

     Plyometrics conditions the body through dynamic, resistance exercises.  Plyometrics improves upper extremity and trunk power by using a weighted object such as a medicine ball to create the necessary resistance.  With a medicine ball, you can experience the entire range of motion which resembles that of your sport.  You can tailor your exercise program to match your training needs.  These sport-specific exercises are not only more efficient in developing the power you desire, they are also more interesting, more challenging, and more motivating.

     This book will help you develop your own program suited to your training needs.

About the Author 
Dr. Donald Chu received his doctorate in physical therapy and physical education from Stanford University, and is a certified NATA athletic trainer and a certified NSCA strength coach. He was a Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education at California State University, Hayward and as past owner and director of the Ather Sports Injury Clinic in Northern California he pioneered the field of specialized physical therapy for sport-related injuries. 

Dr. Chu has served as both assistant and head coach for the track and field program at California State University, Hayward. In 1978 he was named Far Western Conference Coach-Of-The-Year. He has produced over 40 NCAA Division II All-Americans and 9 NCAA Division II National Champions. He has been represented by high jumpers in the Olympic Sports Festivals, the Olympic Trials and the 1988 Summer Olympics. He has also trained national caliber ice skaters, tennis players, and members of the NFL and NBA. 

Dr. Chu has been credited with bringing the plyometric exercise system to popularity on a national level. He has traveled and lectured on the plyometric system of training in nearly every state and in several foreign countries. 

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