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Plyometrics are a class of exercise which increase your explosive power output. Whether it's an explosive vertical jump or rapid sprinting stride, The goal is to get your muscles to contract as fast as possible. The type of muscle fiber that does this is the fast twitch (as opposed to slow twitch). Before a muscle contracts, it actually stretches. So the cycle from stretch to contraction is what plyometrics is designed to improve. Plyometrics shortens the cycle time (milliseconds) between stretch and contraction to make for more explosive energy output. Some of the best plyometrics exercises involve loading your muscle and explosively resisting that load, such as with Plyometrics boxes, Jumpsoles plyometrics platforms, and basic plyometric exercises such as bounding, cone hops, and skipping. Plyometric training should be an important part of any sports training regimen. JumpUSA has a complete line of plyometrics products designed to improve your vertical jump and sprinting speed. Jumping into Plyometrics is an especially valuable resource book on plyometrics.

The World's #1 plyometric training
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Jumping Into Plyometrics
The original definitive guidebook that started the plyometrics revolution.
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Power Jumper
Power Jumper
Elastic Resistance to supercharge your plyometrics workouts
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The Deluxe Lateral Resistor 
Plyometrics can be done laterally also.
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The SpringBak Insoles
Enhance your plyometric workout and gain instant vertical and stride length with these amazing insoles!

Mueller Jumpers Knee Support
For patellar protection and support during your plyometrics exercises.