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Dr. Don Chu's 
Plyoplay for Kids
Price:   US$16.95 

Kids get a dose of fitness
and have fun while learning the techniques of exercise

Something fun for the kids! This book describes exercises that relate to the children on their level. Plyo Play is designed to address the motor development patterns of children as they advance in age. Exercise games with the medicine ball and individual developmental movements are covered.

This book contains dozens of fun-filled games that develop all sorts of skills, coordination, and strength, and also focus on self-confidence, self-esteem, and social interaction.  It also contains sport-specific exercises focusing on Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Gymnastics, Vollyball, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, and Swimming.

Using varying size balls can help you tailor your program to match your training needs.  The following sizes are recommended: 
Grades      Plyoball Size
 K - 3          2 - 4 lb.
 3 - 6          2 - 6 lb.
 4 - 7          2 - 6 lb.
 5 - 8          2 - 8 lb.
Plyo Play Team Set - 6 Plyoballs plus book
two 2 lb. Plyoballs, two 4 lb. Plyoballs 
two 6 lb. Plyoballs, plus Plyo Play Book
Price:  $196.65 $179.95 


Letter to Teachers & Coaches 
Letter to Parents
How to Use Plyo Play
Benefits of Plyo Play
Teaching Tips
Goals & Objectives
Plyo Play Games: Why Play Games?
Game Descriptions & Illustrations
The Plyo Play program assists you in helping children develop speed, power, agility, coordination and other fitness and sports-related skills. 


Neuromuscular Conditioning
     PLYO PLAY provides a critical foundation for youth sports that has been missing: power and neuromuscular conditioning.  There has been a great deal of attention lately about the need for quality youth fitness programs, with cardiovascular and muscular endurance getting the spotlight.  Both are certainly important components of overall fitness, however, there are two other components that are crucial, but often neglected: strength and speed.  Developing these two facets of power can make the differeence between a positive experience with group sports or the feeling of physical failure and low self-esteem.

     Plyometric exercise is the most effective method of developign power, which is the least understood component of fitness.  Power, by definition, is the ability to supply strength rapidly.  Sometimes it is described as the ability to develop force over a certain distance as rapidly as possible.  The force must be exerted in a very short period of time to qualify as power.  Time is the critical factor.

     In addition, neuromuscular conditioning helps develop muscluar-teninous strength and contractility.  These are the physical building blocks for safe, strong boduies during sports activities.

Improved Academics
     The child that performs PLYO PLAY is not only going to move better, more efficiently, and have a stronger foundation for sports skills, but he or she has a chance for becoming a better thinker, reader, and problem solver.  The scientific evidence has never been stronger that neuromuscular conditioning can actually create a feedback loop that stimulates the nervous system and cerebral centers of the brain in a dramatically positive way.  Everything from reading scores and speech development to kinesthetic awareness can be enhanced by neuromuscular conditioning.  Attention span, cognitive growth and abstract problem-solving are all positively affected by the physical activities specific to PLYO PLAY.

Imaginative Play and Leisure
     Children develop physical fitness chirfly through games, play, and sports.  Programs that do nothing more than imitate adult styles of working out fail to address a child's need for imaginative play and movement freedom.  In addition to relieving tension and boredom from prolonged times of physical restriction in classrooms, the PLYO PLAY games will provide an exhilarating, non-competitive break during the school day.

Social Cooperation
     Improved self-esteem can be a healthy outcome among children who have successfuly interacted on a daily basis through cooperative games.  Both mental and emotional attitudes regarding overall performance have been shown to be enhanced through higher levels of social play and cooperation.

About the Author 
Dr. Donald Chu received his doctorate in physical therapy and physical education from Stanford University, and is a certified NATA athletic trainer and a certified NSCA strength coach. He was a Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education at California State University, Hayward and as past owner and director of the Ather Sports Injury Clinic in Northern California he pioneered the field of specialized physical therapy for sport-related injuries. 

Dr. Chu has served as both assistant and head coach for the track and field program at California State University, Hayward. In 1978 he was named Far Western Conference Coach-Of-The-Year. He has produced over 40 NCAA Division II All-Americans and 9 NCAA Division II National Champions. He has been represented by high jumpers in the Olympic Sports Festivals, the Olympic Trials and the 1988 Summer Olympics. He has also trained national caliber ice skaters, tennis players, and members of the NFL and NBA. 

Dr. Chu has been credited with bringing the plyometric exercise system to popularity on a national level. He has traveled and lectured on the plyometric system of training in nearly every state and in several foreign countries. 

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