And the NEW 5-in-1 POWER PUNCH!

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elastic resistance
Elastic Resistance Tubing

Dan Puder of WWE's Tough Enough demonstrates the Power Punch

  • Clampable on locked door
  • Adds resistance to Jabs, Crosses, and Uppercuts
Elastics to make your punches stronger and faster!

The Power Punch is an easy to use device for providing resistance on all punches.

Unique design allows you to clamp on a door or stand on it for Uppercuts. 

The Power Punch 2 DELUXE
See details below
Price:   $49.95


All the abilities of the original Power Punch, with added features.  The new pad allows you to move around and practice punches.  The new handles allow you to do pushups, just adjust the length of the elastics.  Attach them to a door for chinups or long punches!

Power Punch
Top Left: The Power Punch 2 can pad on your back so you can move around.
Top Right: The Right Cross
Bottom Left: Right or Left Upper Cut
Bottom Right: Right or Left Jab.

The Power Punch 2
Price:   $49.95


  • Two Ski Walk Handles
  • Two 30 inch Cables - R3 and R4
  • Power Pushup Back Pad with Two Triple Grip Cable Pockets

Power Punch

5 exercises in 1!

1 - Power Punch  
2 - Pushups        
3 - Power Pushups
4 - Chin Ups        
5 - Hanging Abs   

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