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Power Push Up 2Power Pushup 2
 The 3 lb device that does as much as an entire weight room!
Now only $29.95!

ADJUSTABLE... Comes with 3 cables on each side.  Use one, two or three cables to adjust resistance levels & workloads (See chart below).  You can also interchange different strength cables to fit your strength training needs.

What Exercises Can I Do?: Push Ups, Dips, Back Flys, Lunges, and Squats! 
Also, Rear Deltoid Flys, Standing Chest Press, Back Rows, Step-ups, and Alligator Walks!

Do all these exercises and more!
Levels of resistance: FIVE
Resistance       1/side   2/side   3/side
Purple             20 lbs    40 lbs  80 lbs
Magenta          40 lbs    80 lbs  120 lbs standard
Red                 60 lbs  120 lbs  180 lbs
Green              80 lbs  160 lbs  240 lbs

So how much are you actually lifting?
When you do a push-up, you lift 65% of your body weight. If you weigh 200 lbs., that equals 130lbs. 
Using one Red cable/side = 60 lbs. for a 190 lb. push up... 
Two cables/side = 120 lbs.for a 250 lbs push up (comparable to a 250lb bench). 
Three cables/side = 180 lbs or a 310 lb.push up. 

That is some serious strength training and the great thing about it?...You can use it anywhere... inside or outside!  Try finding anything else in the World that can do that - The number of exercises and variability of resistance is mind-blowing, all in one device!

 Power Pushup 3
Power Pushup 2
Price:   US$34.95 special: $29.95

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Price:   US$12.95 special: $9.95

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YOU can get built without using weights!.....use the 3 P's!
1.) Power Push Up(2)  3  times a week
2.) Progressively harder workload each week (increase reps or resistance) 
3.) Persistance...set a goal of 4 weeks....your body & mind will be stronger!

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