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Marv Marinovich and Dr. Edythe M. Heus, elite athlete trainers, have designed a breakthrough-conditioning program for everyone, combining safe and powerful exercises with a Zone-based nutrition plan to build strength, speed, power, flexibility - without weakening the body. The end result is total fitness.

"ProBodX is the most exciting development in fitness.  Nothing comes close to what this program can do for you."
-Steve Finley, Arizona Diamondbacks

"ProBodX gave me the edge every athlete is looking for."
-Tyson Chandler, Chicago Bulls

"People have a hard time believing I could train for football using a heaviest weight of 20 pounds."
-Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers

The ProBodx workout uses Swiss Balls and Wobble Boards extensively throughout the program. Below are essential tools for you to get started.

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ProBodX by Marv Marinovich

PROBODX Book sold in training systems below only.

Do you feel that even with exercise and diet you are far from reaching your fitness goals?

You are not alone. Even though we are more into fitness than ever, the programs we use are just not working well enough. Many are even dangerous and can weaken the body and make it prone to injury. Marv Marinovich, former conditioning coach for the Oakland Raiders and renowned sports trainer, and Dr. Edythe Heus, a chiropractor specializing in rehabilitating elite athletes, have developed ProBodX (Proper Body Exercise) to close this fitness gap. ProBodX is the only fitness and conditioning program that safely builds and tones muscle while increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and grace.

ProBodX was originally designed for professional athletes -- such as Jason Sehorn of the New York Giants and Steve Finley of the Arizona Diamondbacks -- looking to increase their level of athleticism and to avoid injury. In this book, the program has been designed for anyone who wants to improve athletic ability or simply get in shape and stay in shape without injury.

Essentially the ProBodX program combines unstable surfaces (gymnastic balls, slant boards, balance disks) with multiplane movement and strength loading (special hand and foot weights) to simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body. The result is a stimulated nervous system and increased speed, power, and flexibility.

Whether your interest is reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle, playing sports, or just maintaining a healthy body, ProBodX's unique balanced fitness program can help. In addition, the program includes a dynamic eating program based on Barry Sears's Zone Diet to truly jump start the body and see real results in four to six weeks.
The Swiss Ball
The Wobble Board
wobble board
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The Multi-Slant Board Home
slant board
5 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball

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Wobble Board Adjustable
Adjustable with a screw tightened base - 16" diameter
Adjustable Wobble Board
Simply Screw the dome up or down to adjust the difficulty.
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The Multi-Slant Board Pro
slant board
6 Ft. Balance Pole
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The ProBodx BRONZE System
To customize your ProBodx System, start here. You can add individual items to the Bronze System.
ProBodX Book, Swiss Ball, (2) 5lb single grip balls
ProBodX Book, Swiss Ball, (2) 5 lb single Grip Balls
(Save $16)
Price:  Regular Price: $96
Package Price: $79.95
The ProBodx SILVER System
What you need to do the majority of ProBodx Exercises
ProBodX Book, Swiss Ball, (2) Wobble Boards, (2) 5lb Single Grip Balls, (2) Balance Poles
ProBodx Book, Swiss Ball, (2) Wobble Boards, (2) 5 lb single Grip Balls, (2) Balance Poles 
(Save $26)
Price:  Regular Price: $206.65
Package Price: $179.95
The ProBodx GOLD System
The Full Package - For Schools, Teams, Trainers, Pros, or the Serious Athlete
ProBodX Book, Swiss Ball, Multi-Slant Board Pro, (2) Wobble Board Deluxes, (2) 5lb Single Grip Balls, (2) Balance Poles
ProBodx Book, Swiss Ball, Multi-Slant Board Pro, (2) Wobble Board Deluxes
(2) 5 lb Single Grip Balls, (2) Balance Poles
 (Save $46)
Price:   Regular Price: $386.60
Package Price: $349.95
From Publishers Weekly
For decades, coaches have sent athletes eager to improve their strength and performance straight to the gym to pump some iron. According to authors Marinovich and Heus, such advice couldn't be more wrong. "America's obsession with heavy weight lifting was actually training greatness out of athletes," they explain in this comprehensive guide to their conditioning and Zone-based nutrition plan, ProBodX. Unlike weightlifting, which can slow down athletes by burdening them with excessive muscles, and unlike yoga, which can needlessly over-stretch ligaments, ProBodX is supposed to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and mental stamina without provoking injuries. The key, according to Marinovich and Heus, is to engage the "nervous and musculoskeletical systems as a whole rather than as separate parts." Thus, their ProBodX exercises rely upon wobbly, free-floating equipment-such as gymnastics balls and balance disks-that force the body to use more than a few muscles at a time. Heus and Marinovich have the experience to know what they're talking about: he was once an Oakland Raiders offensive lineman and an NFL conditioning coach; she was a New York chiropractor who specialized in kinesiology. And their current roster of clients includes successful athletes like Chicago Bulls player Tyson Chandler and Olympian high-jumper Amy Acuff, both of whom appear in photographs throughout the book. Their exercises are amply illustrated with step-by-step b&w photographs. Despite the careful instructions, neophytes may still feel like they'd need a trainer to walk them through such exercises as the "Scissors," which involves twisting a knee to the ceiling while balancing a one's stomach on a giant gymnastics ball. But those who have the time and energy to learn a whole new way of exercising should find this volume well worth a try.


Marv Marinovich is a nationally known sports enhancement specialist, a former Oakland Raiders offensive lineman, and NFL conditioning coach. He founded his own training center, SportsLab, where he trains elite athletes, children, and young adults.

Single Leg Lunges with wobble board, 
swiss ball, and balance poles

Knee Bends with Single Grip Ball 
on a Slant Board

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