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IMPROVE - Balance, Agility, and Quickness used in running, jumping, and landing!
REDUCE - Risk of Ankle or Knee Injury by strengthening those muscles!
REHABILITATE - Faster following an injury - approved by Pro Sport Physical Therapists!
Proprioceptor System
What is the Proprioceptor?  Proprioception is a form of training that is to pro trainers perhaps the most exciting recent development(and also the least known to the public).  Proprioception uses controlled destabilization to multiply workload and sharpen neuromuscular reflexes.  Team trainers have discovered that their athletes are more sure footed and injury free, with faster results than traditional workouts on a flat surface.  The new Jumpsoles v4.0 are the only platform trainers on the market that have proprioception capability.  The controlled imbalance created by the Proprioceptor Plugs forces your brain to fire impulses to your muscle fibers over one thousand times per second.  The loading stimulus is radically supercharged, like nothing you've ever felt before.  After just one workout you'll feel the amazing difference in your game.  You'll blow past defenders with your first step quickness.  You'll also possess bionic knee and ankle joints that are virtually injury proof. More about Proprioception

Who should use the Proprioceptor Plugs?Anyone.  Some would think only athletes in sports such as Basketball, Football, Soccer, or Tennis would need these, but there are virtually no limits!  Skiing, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Ballet are just a few of the activities that can be greatly enhanced by the Proprioceptor system.  But this is only looking at the athletic benefits.  Balance is an essential element in everyone's daily life!  The Proprioceptor system is great for rehabilitation for injuries and simply strengthening ankle joints. Jumpsoles 4.0
How are they inserted into the Jumpsoles?  In the Jumpsoles v 4.0 there are two holes in the sole.  The plug is simply inserted into either hole.  The rearwards hole works the calves, ankles, and achilles areas.  The frontwards hole is more advanced, working the same areas approximately 3 times more and working your quads and hamstrings as well. 
Are they guaranteed?  Just like the Jumpsoles, these carry the insane one-year money-back guarantee!

How much do they cost?  The Proprioceptor Plug system includes the plugs, a training manual, and a great video showing great exercises.  The whole system is $39.95.  However, if you purchase $69.95 Jumpsoles at the same time, The whole system comes out to $99.90.  Even with the Proprioceptor System it is still cheaper than any plyometric shoes on the market! What if I already have Jumpsoles?  If you have v 4.0, you can simply purchase the Proprioceptor System and you are set.  However, if you have the older model Jumpsoles, you can contact us by phone 1-800 JUMPUSA or email us at  We need the name you ordered them by and the zip code it was shipped to.  Then we can look you up on our computers and offer you a discount on a brand new pair.

Proprioceptor System - Plugs, Training Manual, Video
(Item # EMPROP)
Price:   sold elsewhere at $39.95 here only $35.95

Jumpsoles v 4.0 + Proprioceptor System 
Price:   sold elsewhere at $99.90 here only $89.90