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Hitters can work out with former Oakland A's and currently NY Yankee Jason Giambi's strength trainer Bob Alejo. Do the same plyoball workout as home-run record holder Mark McGuire and build up bat speed and slugging power. Terrific for abs, trunk, back, and arm strength!

Coaching legend Tom House shows you the pitching exercises he uses to train big game pitchers such as Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson. Do the essential exercises to improve both your pitching and your hitting.

Hitters Basic - 6lb, Bob Alejo's Hitting Video $69.90
Price: US$59.95

Hitters Power - 6lb, 10lb, Bob Alejo's Hitting Video $124.85
Price: US$104.95

Pitchers Basic - 2lb, 6lb, Speedswing, Tom House Pitching Video $109.80
Price: US$99.95

Pitchers Power - 2lb, 6lb, 10lb, Speedswing, Tom House Pitching Video $164.75
Price: US$144.95

The Ultimate System - 2lb, 6lb, 10lb, Speedswing, Both videos - The Real Deal! $194.70
Price: ONLY US$169.95

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