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"In a grueling season, only the strong survive.  Our medicine ball work is a cornerstone 
of the functional strength building we emphasize.  Championship rings are the result!" 

- Al Vermeil, Chicago Bulls

Step inside the Chicago Bulls' awesome training facility.

  • Do this drill and you gain superior post up strength!
  • Do this one drill and you watch yourself get 25% more rebounds!
  • Do this drill and you will marvel at your new found lazer accurate shooting and surgically precise passing ability!
Work out with NBA Champion Bulls trainer Al Vermeil as he shows you the medicine ball exercises they did to seal their reputation as one of the most physically punishing teams in NBA history.  Improve rebounding, power, passing, post-up, and core strength with these key exercises.

For System I and II, the Plyoballs bounce - great for throwing against walls and passing.

System III is for big men who board and post-up.  The Plyoball is non-bouncing.

Al Vermeil Basketball Video Only

Price:  US$29.95 

Basketball System I - 8lb Plyoball, Al Vermeil Basketball Video

(Item # PBBASKSYS1 )$79.90
Price:   US$69.95 

Basketball System II - 10lb Plyoball, Al Vermeil Basketball Video

(Item # PBBASKSYS2) $84.90
Price:   $74.95 US$69.95 

Basketball System III - 12lb Plyoball, Al Vermeil Basketball Video

(Item # PBSYSBASK3) $89.90
Price:   US$79.95 

System II offers the new Bouncing 10 lb. ball - extra $5 off for a limited time!

Team Sets:

 Value Set: 6, 8 lbs.(2 balls) Al Vermeil Video, Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball Book. 
Reg Price: $136.80
Set Price: $119.95
Price:   US$119.95 


Super Set: 6,6,6,6,6,8 lbs.(6 balls) Al Vermeil Video, Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball Book 
Reg Price: $296.60
Set Price: $259.95
Price:   US$259.95 


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