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The Refiner Golf Club

This remarkable invention that is guaranteed to improve your swing and cut strokes off your game...

Golf Training Devices

Rick Bradshaw
PGA Tour Instructor

Too quick with hands on takeaway and excessive grip pressure
  • Improve tempo, timing, and club head position
  • Make better contact with the ball hitting it straighter and further
  • Receive instant feedback while actually hitting golf balls!
  • Includes instructional DVD and easy calibration tool

Patented dual adjustable-hinge is engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo swing.

Bring your "A" Game to the Course
The ReFiner Golf Swing Trainer improves your swing by feel, not by complicated swing mechanics, so you can bring your refined swing to the course where it counts most.

It's in the Bag!
The ReFiner Golf Swing Trainer is the size and weight of a regular club so it fits easily in your bag. Swing the ReFiner on the practice tee before a round to find your swing.

When swung correctly The ReFiner® reacts like a normal club!

Refiner® Target Line Hinged Driver
The standard length driver is 44".

Refiner® Target Line Hinged Putter
Improve your putting stroke and improve your alignment with one trainer.  Perfect for use indoors or on the putting green.


  • Distance Control 
  • Target Alignment 
  • Correct Swing Path 
  • Smooth Acceleration
  • Most of all the Hinge putter forces you to swing the putter head vs. hitting at ball.
  • The standard length Putter is 35".
Available in Right Handed ONLY


The Refiner Golf Club 5-Iron
Comes with DVD and free Divit remover!
U.S. $79.95

Available in Left, Right, Men's, Women's, Juniors

The Refiner Golf Club Driver
Comes with DVD and free Divit remover!
U.S. $99.95

Available in Left, Right, Men's, Women's, Juniors

The Refiner Golf Club Putter
Comes with DVD and free Divit remover!
U.S. $89.95

Available in Right Handed ONLY

The Refiner Golf Club Set of 3
The Refiner Golf Club Set of All 3!
5-Iron, Driver, and Putter
Save $20!
Regular: $259.85
Sale Price: $249.95

The ReFiner® Patented Hinge mechanism
Pat. # 5,277,427.


A flaw has been detected!

Tension is adjustable

The Perfect Swing!

The ReFiner® is a PATENTED two-way adjustable-hinged club, engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo swing. The accompanying allen key allows users to maintain optimum calibration. Whether you are a beginner or a Pro, The ReFiner has benefits. 


1. Excessive grip pressure 
2. Open / closed club face 
3. Improper swing plane 
4. Casting 
5. Improper lower body movement 
6. Incomplete follow-through 
7. The ReFiner® - Improve your tempo, obtain the ideal grip pressure and swing on plane. 


"The Refiner has helped me with my swing plane and I have been lowering my handicap. It has paid for itself with my weekly wagers with my golf buddies."

Jon M., Erie, PA


After spending three days at a weekend golf clinic, where a Medicus golf club was used for swing training, I purchased your product. Mine has the training grip, which the Medicus did not. The Medicus is a fine swing trainer, however, the ReFiner is a better option for multiple users. The adjustable tension makes it easier for starting golfers to get into a proper swing and as you get better, you can adjust the tension to refine your swing even more. The ReFiner is better than the Medicus, has the training grip, and also better priced. And yes, you can actually hit balls with this club. I use it to warm up at the range before playing.

I have taken 10 strokes off of my normal round by using this club.

I have been playing for around twelve years and never took it seriously. My handicap was a 25. Now that I have more time to play and will take it more seriously, my handicap will go down even more!

Thank you!"

Eric V.
Coconut Creek, FL 

"I purchased the Refiner 2 weeks ago. I generally just use it before a round for tempo or when I go to the range for the same reason. I am hitting the ball further and straighter. This club definitely helps fix tempo and swing flaws. The Refiner gave me instant feedback on my swing flaws. What a difference! I am having fun golfing and when I hit a bad shot I know why! I have recommended it to many of my golf buddies. I think this product is great. Thanks for giving me confidence in my swing!"

Kent S.
Hooksett, NH 

"Having used a hinged club when learning to play golf several years ago, I was immediately drawn to your product as a training aid for my fiance who is just learning the game. You can teach technique, alignment, course management etc. but you just can't teach feel. This club allows for that and the adjustable hinge is a key feature for someone who is just learning. It's like a set of training wheels that can be adjusted as the new swing progresses." 

Toronto Canada


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